A quick chat with Dai Burger

Ahead of her upcoming Yo! Sissy show, we had a chat to NYC rap queen Dai Burger about her music, shows and her day to day life slaying it in Queens.

Bridie: How has your time in Australia been so far? How are you dealing with the heat? 

Dai Burger: Australia is blazing!  I mean that in the best way possible. I’m digging the weather, it’s mid January and I’m actually sporting a lil tan right now.

Bridie: How was collaborating with Darq E Freaker? 

Dai Burger: His sound is SO BIG and SO SIGNATURE. I love hopping on anything he’s cooking. You def haven’t heard the last from us yet.

Bridie: What normally goes down at a Yo! Silly show? What experiences have you had working with the crew?

Dai Burger: Yo! Sissy first brought me to Berlin and here we are Down Under. What I will say is, Yo! Sissy definitely comes through with the Whammy! Such high energy and great acts always. Expect to sweat your wig off.

Bridie: Lil Dance is about getting ready for the club. Do you have any rituals before going out for the night? 

Dai Burger: I like to give myself a few more hours then usual on nights of shows or hostings. This gives me ample time to put together my fiercest look, beat my face to capacity and literally bathe in perfume. I blast the music and just give myself the works. It’s only right!


Bridie: Tell me a little about your life in Queens, what is a normal week in the life is Dai Burger?

Dai Burger: PREPARATIONS, PREPARATIONS, PREPARATIONS! I spend all my days preparing for whatever my next venture is. This includes, but not limited to, time in the studio, photo shoots, hair/ nail appointments, meetings, emails and more. I’m just really about my brand and my business, so all my efforts are spent solely on this lifestyle.

The way I see it, I’m gonna always represent for us ladies, and I’m down for any other female along the way who’s popping and promoting femininity!

Bridie: I’m sensing a big Missy Elliot vibe in your music. What other artists have influenced your sound?

Dai Burger: Missy is definitely Motha! But I’m also influenced by other out-the-box artists such as Kelis, MIA, Gwen Stefani, and pretty much any bad ass female that just sticks it to ya raw.

Bridie: You’ve said before there is a lack of female representation in rap music. What do you think needs to happen to encourage young women to get into the industry? 

Dai Burger: You know… I don’t think I have the correct answer for this. The way I see it, I’m gonna always represent for us ladies, and I’m down for any other female along the way who’s popping and promoting femininity!

Bridie: What does 2017 have in store for you? 

Dai Burger: So much! I’m in the final stages of my next project, and just planning and prepping so much for you guys. This is my driving force behind 2017. Just pure slay-age on the way!

Bridie: Name you’re three current favourite artists. 


You can catch Dai Burger with Yo! Sissy at the Woolly Mammoth on Friday the 3rd of February. Find tickets here. 

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