Stay//Leave by PALS


The four piece, PALS, have fueled up and taken a whirl wind of a drive this year. Eloping with Newcastle bands and strangers, the boys have stripped and shed their talent all over the stages of Australia. The interplay of each member deflects any doubt that punk is dead. Punk is PALS.


Stay//Leave has been cast out far beyond our bosom of Newcastle as bait for their upcoming record.  The lyrics are perfectly gloomy and embody internal conflict as a deep melancholy stains the bass lines as well as Kelly’s vocals. At the same time, it cracks those knees, curls the arms and all of a sudden you and grandma are bumpin’ hips. The fuzz pedal electrifies and whooshes a sublime focus which curves so fluidly through the guitars and bass. The pace is so potent with the strings tickle into an unfathomable balance. The smooth, sailing sounds of alienation give that unorthodox balance play with the tight tremors of the drum, stitched tighter than a Gucci bag.

Sounds like:

When your ears pop after 4 years of being blocked.

Look out for:

PALS will be kick’n it at the Croatian Club in Newcastle on the 7th of December supporting the legendary Dumb Punts.

Saturday 10th December at the Lass O’Gowrie, details to be released later.  Attach your Facebook or Instagram with PALS to get the 411. Or leave a bit of love on their Triple J unearthed page.

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