Premiere: Savage (Live in Studio) by Quintessential Doll

It can be a hit or miss when two creative worlds collide. Salvador Dali and his venture into the culinary realm of cookbooks: hit. Paris Hilton’s 2006 smash hit Stars Are Blind: huge, huge miss. Thankfully, producer, multi-instrumentalist, absolute powerhouse of a little woman and master of whimsical folk-electronica, Steph Linsdell A.K.A Quintessential Doll in collaboration with Swedish fashion designer, Emelie Svensson, present their daring, individualistic interplay between two art forms and, let me tell you, it’s a hit.

The live studio version of Savages, tackles societal norms and fights for feminist culture through repeatedly singing, “my my beauty will never be yours,” to a chilling mix of pointed synth lines, industrialised beats, and the attack of a delay-riddled violin. The video itself is a gritty performance of the tense music soundscape created by Quintessential Doll and parallels the sporadic nature of the breakdowns in the editing style; solely in black and white and flash edits reminiscent of an Alfred Hitchcock film. Quintessential Doll showcases a piece from Svensson’s latest Luminous in Black collection; a jacket constructed purely from recycled materials. Meeting via Instagram, a sentiment which embodies the fierce DIY nature, embodiment and tendency’s of both artists.

With a QMA under her belt and a rapidly expanding profile, Quintessential Doll is definitely one to keep on your artist radar. Check out more of Svensson’s unique collections and designs here and now for what you’ve all been waiting for, the pièce de résistance, Savage (Live in Studio) by Quintessential Doll

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