Hobart Curtis Hits Us With Some Hits That Weren’t Hits But Should’ve Been

Have you ever had that one song that no one really knows but to you it’s your absolute number one track of your life. Nothing else compares, you really can’t imagine your life without it; it is essentially a part of you. You get excited every time it plays for the 3965th rotation in your headphones, your friends are sick of hearing it; they don’t even know it, they don’t understand! You keep asking yourself, “why am I so misunderstood? Why is this unbelievably amazing 10/10 song not the anthem to the universe like it so deserves to be?” Brisbane indie-pop homie Hobart Curtis knows this all too well. So much so, he wrote a song cementing this frustration but from the artists perspective; the sometimes crushing reality of being a creative and having some musical dreams always just slightly out of reach.

We asked him to put some of his under-appreciated anthems of the universe into a banging little playlist and he so very kindly agreed. So here for you are 10 songs that Hobart Curtis wants you to know are unbelievably amazing, hit songs which definitely deserve to be hits but devastatingly weren’t. 

Head Car Bending – 1975

“The riff and the production was before its time. Although, The 1975 have about 40,000 bangers, so it’s not like they’re under-appreciated.”

Painkillers – Patrick Dorgan

“Check out them pipes. Who doesn’t love a good pair of Nurofen on a Sunday morning.”

Young Cardinals – Alexisonfire

“Appreciated in certain circles. Probably the most accessible verse/chorus combo they ever have written (and will write) for a long time.” 

Look At Where We Are – Hot Chip

“This song makes me weirdly nostalgic. The double tracked vocals in the chorus just sound so warm and perfect, especially in headphones.”

We Looked Like Giants – Death Cab For Cutie

“One of my favourite Death Cab songs, but it’s got a really up-tempo vibe to it. Although it’s my favourite part, the four minute outro could be culled and you’d have a neat three minute nip of indie sweetness.”

Secrets – Le Pie

“Love this girl and what she does. She’s got a tendency to write these really endearing songs and make it sound easy.”

Backbeat – Dagny

“The Corey Parker of pop songs. Not flashy but reliably great.”

Lipstick Lies – Julias Moon

“Danish guys that have a lot of promise. They do well in their home country but I think this has legs if it was given the chance.”

I am a Nightmare – Brand New

Brand New are my favourite band. Classic Brand New guitar tones with solid song writing.”

I Feel The Weight – Miike Snow

“One of those times when really simple lyrics can seem so deep.”

If this all strikes a chord with you; if your number one hits are misunderstood by the rest of the world, don’t worry, here is an infectious, sunny musical hug just for you. Have a listen (and even a little boogie) to Hobart Curtis’ Hits and feel a little less alone in your musical loving frustrations.

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