A Quick Chat with Tim from Cub Sport

I don’t know about you guys but, I am PROUD. I’m like a proud mum, and Cub Sport is my soccer playing son, who I’ve watched grow and they’re out on the field, between orange-slice breaks, kicking goals from outside the penalty box. From their stellar Like A Version, which a lot of people loved as much as Kanye loves himself, to a national tour fresh of the back of a U.S tour; talk about kicking musical goals. I had the absolute pleasure of having a chat with the wonderful Tim, or should I say Eleven, before they treated Brissy to two shows last weekend.

Marli: Hey dude, what’s your day been like today?

Tim: I’m taking it easy in bed listening to Frank Ocean and hanging with my beautiful dogs Missy and Evie.

Marli: Tell us a story from your US/Canada tour?

Tim: We burst a tyre on our drive between Cleveland and Grand Rapids. We were on our way to open for Of Monsters and Men and ended up spending hours on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere while we waited for a tow truck. We arrived at the venue minutes before our set was starting and ended up setting up/sound checking in front an audience of a few thousands of people. It was a pretty close call but it ended up being one of the highlights of the tour!

Marli: What was touring like with The 1975?

Tim: It was incredible! We were blown away by the magnitude of their show, fan-base and backstage catering. It was a definite highlight of 2016 for us.

Marli: There’s a recently been a developing conspiracy theory that Tim is actually Eleven all grown up. Can you confirm/please explain?

Tim: Yeah it’s true. I don’t wanna spoil the ending, but Stranger Things slowly evolves into the Cub Sport equivalent of the Katy Perry movie. It’s a very exciting twist.

Marli: Favourite thing about this tour so far?

Tim: The audiences! I swear we’ve got the nicest fans in the world. It’s overwhelming how lovely and encouraging everyone is.

Marli: If Kanye contacted you today what would be your first reaction and what is one question you’d ask him?

Tim: I’d probably faint then when I came to I’d ask if we could make a song together.

Marli: Come On Mess Me Up is such a special song for so many people. When you were writing that song did you know you were on to something so that would strike a chord with so many people?

Tim: I knew I really liked it but I never imagined it would connect the way it has. Playing sold out shows and having hundreds of people singing it back at us is a dream.

Marli: Your second album is in the works. Musically, what has changed so far with it?

Tim: It’s going to be pretty different to This Is Our Vice. I’ve started to venture further into RnB territory with my writing which I’m really enjoying. There’ll be moments that are more electronic than earlier stuff, as well as a co-write with Sarah Blasko that’s one of the most stripped back songs we’ve ever done. I’m still writing new songs so things could change, but that’s the forecast going by the current batch of demos we’ve got.

Marli: Were you guys excited to go back to the drawing board and start making another album?

Tim: I’ve been writing for the second album since before the first album came out, so I’m really excited to fit all the pieces together and see the second album come together. The songs are all still in demo-form but I think this is the most excited I’ve been to release new music.

Marli: What’s the story behind finding out about the worst cook in the band? 

Tim: Hmm we don’t really have any bad cooking stories but anyone who follows us on Snapchat would know that Bolan is an incredible cook! We’ve had a few requests for a Cubbies cook book with all of Bolan’s amazing creations, so hopefully we make that happen some time.

Marli: Who has the most annoying habit in the band and what is it?

Tim: I’m on my phone 24/7, I don’t think the others really find that that annoying though? I dunno, we’re a pretty harmonious group.

Marli: What’s your favourite part about coming back to Brissy?

Tim: Being home with our dogs and mates!

Marli: What’s your favourite venue to play in Brissy?

Tim: I think my favourite venue we’ve played in Brisbane is probably The Triffid. The sound is always great there and it’s got a good vibe!

Marli: Do you have anything special in stall for the two Brightside shows this weekend?

Tim: Playing lots of songs off This Is Our Vice as well as a couple of older songs. We’re throwing in a couple of covers too, including Kanye’s Ultralight Beam.

If you were lucky enough to score some ticket’s to their sold out show on Thursday then you and I were treated to a smorgasbord of feels. We can all agree that a tidal wave of beauty flooded our ears and you can get nostalgic about it all here. Now lets all reminisce on that dumb-ass ex of ours and listen to Come On Mess Me Up for the thousandth time.   

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