Landings’ Playlist About Reunited Love inc. single, Start Again

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Landings make a monumental, but safe landing into Kim’s playlist by air e-mailing her a sweet-ass playlist of their own, with some hilarious commentary.

Okay, so first – playlists. Fuck yes. This is what I live for. I can confidently say that I’ve fallen in love with someone because of their ability to perfectly curate a playlist and even found recovery from many a hangover whilst listening to some musical soothers. But it almost goes without saying that, when our fragile hearts are well, more fragile than usual, this is when we must find a playlist that has been meticulously built for heartbreak. This playlist I’m about to share with you, is built on the theme of Reunited Love (or just sad music that you can dance to, really) inspired by Start Again, Landings’ latest single to make its flight around the musical circuit. Vocalist Liam Quinn says “Start Again is about moving on from a relationship physically but not emotionally.” 

True that dude, we all know the feeling well … and with that, we hope you enjoy!

1. Start Again – Landings

2. The Strokes – One Way Trigger

“When I first heard this I thought it was the most upbeat thing the Strokes had ever released, and then realised how intensely depressing the lyrics were.”

3. Bombay – What If

“This entire record fits into the category of sad music you can dance to, but this one definitely stands out.”

4. Phoenix – Armistice

“I think I got this record when I was twelve, and it’s never left constant rotation for me. Even though all Phoenix lyrics are pretty much unintelligible, this album is perfect for when you’re getting drunk with friends and for when you’re sad.”  

5. Purity Ring – Push Pull

“Straight up dark bangers.”

 6. Two Door Cinema Club- Come Back Home

Two Door’s first record especially has been a huge influence on us, it’s the best combination of intense drum machines and great hooks. Let’s not talk about their new record though.”

7. SBTRKT – Good Morning

“Sad synths, sick auto-tune vocal hooks.”

8. Snakadaktal – Hung On Tight


 9. Darwin Deez – The City

“Darwin’s lyrics are next level in the way you can listen to a song thirty times before realising some clever, deep bullshit he’s slipped in there. I actually spoke to Darwin recently and he said he liked our first single. What a kind dude.”

10. Passion Pit – Moth’s Wings

“On reflection, half of the songs in the this playlist are from 2009 and 2010. What an iconic time for sad dance music.”

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