Yonder is coming to Brisbane

Do you have a more refined taste in music? Do you enjoy art and incredible visual experiences?  Well, for one night and one night only, the Yonder Warehouse Party is coming to Brisbane on the 8th of October.

This event will feature art performances, music, live painting and more.

And just quietly, the lineup is pretty fantastic too.

Music will beam from the likes of:

goodbye moon, FeelsClub, El Santo, Feuds, Soviet X-Ray Record Club, AVAXA and Omegachild

Visual performances from,

Harley & Händen, Samantha Gilkes, Benny Pierce, Sloe Motion, Anna Elizabeth, Sarge Jhogenson, Kel Christiansen, Penny Lonie, Amy Crow, James Hornsby, ANDLIZZY, Jon Weber, Teens On Acid, PhotoWheeler, Bella Reboul, Cronk and Tonic, Rebecca Giles, Alice Kaps, Kimi Schieren, Jeff Paton, and Zena.

To get yourself some tickets you can click here. With a price of just $10.50, you can be sure that spots to this innovative event will sell out quickly!



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