Undone by Top Lip


I’ve found the real cause of the Red Sea parting and contrary to popular belief its not a man in the sky – it’s Sydney four-piece Top Lip. Refraining from making any upper mouth skin references I’ll get straight into it.  Top Lip formed in January this year and they’ve gigged all over Sydney supporting some pretty big local names, played on Triple J, and recently celebrated the release of their self-titled EP – in less than 9 months. I call that a pretty solid feat.


Undone features on their EP as a sun drenched predecessor to their first single, Strepsils. Laced with dreamy guitar riffs, the track is heavily noted as having remnants of DMA’s flickered throughout. Personally, the most notable element of this tune lies in its mind numbing, yet liberating nostalgia (the word remind me of a 14 year old’s Tumblr, but it serves its purpose). The steady drum and warm bass rhythms ground you through the track, while the effected lead guitar gears up, preparing to take you to another era in time. The tune boasts subtle charm in the vocal work and encapsulates something very similar to Fever Blankets’ Day Dream , a personal favourite of mine that has yet to have been achieved locally. Undone is a congregation of psych rock and good vibes driving into an ethereally bright climax.

Sounds like:

I struggled to come up with something that doesn’t sound like a boho gypsy babes Instagram caption so I’m just going to settle with good. It sounds fucking good- really good.

Look out for:

I saw these guys live before I properly listened to their music and I can’t recommend enough turning up to a show and basking in the complete essence of what they’re creating. They’re playing shows in Wollongong and Sydney this week, and you can keep updated on their happenings via their Facebook page.

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