I’m in Love with Good Boy’s Millie


Often hailed as dolewave or whatever label critics want to put on something they can’t explain, I just call Good Boy the best band in Brisbane right now. Iconically Australian in both lyrics and composition, the three lads produce tracks that are relatable to Gen Y and Z and are catchy as hell. They’ve just released their latest EP, Plum, but my word count won’t allow me to do the five tracks the justice they deserve, so I’ll focus on my favourite.


Millie, the fourth track on Plum, is unlike any other Good Boy track. Steering away from the upbeat, punky rhythms and riffs of previous tracks, Millie leans heavily on what I think is a 6/8 time signature. The Waltz-like rhythm has drummer Stu Mackenzie holding the swinging beat at the forefront of the track. Rian King’s thick bass line is simple but allows him to passionately belt out his ballad like lyrics in the chorus – “oh but some bright ideas never stray far.”  The guitar lines move from a gentle brush of the strings to catchy licks as the band transition between verses, but heighten to match King’s intensity as the track closes. The vocal performance is the highlight of the track; as the Australian twang bleeds through King’s lyrics, the emotion of the track intensifies. Millie is a sweet, passionate track showcasing that Good Boy are much more than a quirky-lyric spitting, fast-riffed throwback to early Australian indie.

Sounds like:

Good Boy will certainly be making a bigger name for themselves after this EP.

Look out for:

The band will be touring through October, hitting up the Foundry on the 22nd.  Listen to Plum, listen to Millie, listen to all their songs; you won’t be disappointed.

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