I Don’t by Breizers


Two months ago I wrote a recommendation for an up and coming three-piece emerging out of Sydney’s North Shore. The single was called Party Drunk, and if you’re not into clicking links – Breizers have curated a revived mixture of funk and punk baked to perfection.


I Don’t takes a heavier and rockier approach to their usual “sex-punk”. The track is a passionate tango – the instruments challenge each other while simultaneously complementing with subtleties in each guitar riff and drum kick. Breizers give everything they’ve got and they’re not leaving until you’re left high and dry, craving more. Each sound recognises an opportunity to be unforgiving and relentless. Moments of thick, heavy bass and rhythm guitar come together in an explosion of energy, while book-ended by poetic riffs and enticing vocals. Anyone that uses bass as a force to be reckoned with has me sold, and this is probably the reason behind my incessant infatuation with this track. The entire tune is edgy and progressive enough that it’s addictive, but not extreme so that it’ll expire quickly. Drummer, Lucas, intertwines a more subtle effect throughout the track leading up to the last riffage – but his skills in no way go unnoticed – your whole body will be feeling it. An electrifying instrumental houses the last 25 seconds and it’s probably my favourite one they’ve dished up so far.

Sounds like:

The 90’s grunge scene called…

Look out for:

Breizers are gearing up for a tour over the coming few weeks starting in Sydney with their single launch tomorrow, featuring the help of enigmas Flight to Dubai. They’ll be playing a string of shows and even hitting up hometown Newcastle with local legends Dave, before wrapping up mid October.  You can keep up to date on the tour and their happenings on their Facebook page.

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