Guantanamo Baywatch’s Hometown Playlist: Tracks from Portland, Oregon

Guantanamo Baywatch (US) are headlining LOADED this coming month, alongside Pop Cult and Concrete Surfers. If you wanna’ scratch our itch here at Society of Sound, simply send us some hidden talent- it’s probably the best way to get into our musical lovin’ pants.

We asked the babes from Portland, Oregon to tell us their favourite homegrown, underground tracks. This groovy playlist has clearly been built from friendship, collaboration and a mutual love of music. And that folks, is what we love about the music industry.

Here are some sounds from Portland, for you, thanks to Guantanamo Baywatch.

Hound of Love – If Not For You

Hound Of Love is our best friend Andrew Basset, he also plays drums in Mean Jeans. This is one of our favorite videos to come out of Portland in last decade. It was shot in 1 take at the old Mean Jeans house over on SE 39th Ave where we all used to chug jaeger bombs. Scope that drum solo in the basement. George Harrison cover!”

Long Knife – Negative Mental Attitude

“The video was directed by Brett Roberts, who also directed and shot our video for Too Late. Colin is the lead singer and has been a good friend of ours since the beginning of the band. Colin was also in Portland’s all star power pop punk band Nice Boys (Exploding Hearts/ The Riffs).” 

The Shivas – Gun In My Pocket

The Shivas are really good friends of ours and this song is amazing. The Shivas have been a band since they were 15 years old, their moms drove them on their first tours! You can find The Shivas when they are off tour at our house, Baywatch Manor, in Portland playing Mario Kart.”

Patsy’s Rats – Burning Honey

“This video by Patsy’s Rats is definitely radical! It was shot with like 6 cameras and you can totally scroll around the room while the video is playing to reveal different scenes and scenarios. Like you can flip your phone around and turn and see the ceiling and couch and there’s like 4 of each people and it’s SO sick. Scope out the cameos by Chris and Chevy! (Also same little puppy Twilley is in both this video and the Long Knife video).”

Mope Grooves – Mope Grooves

“This was the first single by Mope Grooves in 2012. Mope Grooves came on the scene in Portland when tons of boring bar punk bands were ruling the city. Their short and catchy pop gems have inspired many new young Portland bands to write pop songs and they’re definitely changing shit here for the better! This whole video was filmed in our old house in Portland where most bands here have lived at some point and we actually recorded our album, Chest Crawl, there in the freezing winter. The humping dude is Unkle Funkle from White Fang and The Memories!”

Mean Jeans – Anybody Out There

“This video comes from our best buds and neighbors Mean Jeans. Also directed by Brett Roberts (who directed our Too Late vid). This has tons of cameos from Portland’s finest rockers and showcases the Mean Jeans’ dumb humor. DAS WAS SUP!”

The Rats – In A Desperate Red

“Portland royalty! The Rats is the 80s group of Fred Cole and Toody from Dead Moon. We don’t know em personally but they’re SICK and anyone that likes Dead Moon or old Portland punk should check em out.”

And of course, here’s are my G-Bay recommendations:



Dayum, those sexy surf rock vibes man.

If you want to get a glimpse of Guantanamo Baywatch on the Foundry foreshore, they’re going to be gracing us with their presence on the 23rd of September. Read more about it on the Facebook event page. And check this beauty of a poster!

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