A Quick Chat With Benny Bograil From Skegss

Byron locals, Skegss, are speedily becoming a house hold name to anyone who appreciates contagious beach-rock and sinking plenty beers. After a whole bunch of international tours in the United States, Canada, South America and New Caledonia last year, they released their second EP, Everyone is Good at Something, this pastJuly and immediately took off on a national tour. Brisbane fans get to experience two sold out, back-to-back shows this weekend, so we caught up with them before they played their sixth show of the tour at Newtown Social Club in Sydney.

Marli: Prepared for tonight?

Benny: Yeah, well we aren’t really preparing. We are going to go hit some golf balls and have a little competition. So it’ll be pretty fun.

Marli: How’s the tour going so far?

Benny: It’s been unreal. We are tripping on how big and fun the shows have been. It’s easily the biggest tour we’ve ever done. We aren’t even half way done and we can’t wait to just keep playing more shows. It’s going to suck when it’s over.

Marli: After such a crazy couple of months touring, is there a massive come down from all the hype and constant activity of it all? 

Benny: Yeah, of course. Whenever we have a few days in between shows, I’ve just been going home and just trying to do as much shit as I can because it’s just so weird when you’re mulling around, doing nothing for three days straight.

Marli: Best part of your international tour and shows?

Benny: Just being overseas and someone from a foreign country actually giving a fuck, it’s so trippy.

Marli: Are you guys avid supporters of the ‘shoey movement’? 

Benny: Nah, no way. I wouldn’t do a shoey, that’s kinda too gross for me. I don’t care if anyone else nominates themselves to do it. Sometimes though, kids will just do it on their own will and it’s always funny. 

Marli: Brissy gets treated to two shows this weekend, have you got any tricks up your sleeves?

Benny: Nah, just going wing it at the time. Hopefully play some songs and have a good time. We played the BIGSOUND pre-party last year at the Foundry but its going to be sick to do our own show.

Marli: Tell the story of the best gig you’ve ever played.

Benny: Alright so what the story is, is that me and Jonny used to be in a band. We were a two piece and we lived with Toby. Toby and I would jam and stuff so he kind of knew some of the buttons to the songs. Then one time we were pretty pissed and just playing some songs at the Northern. Toby was hell wasted and was like, “can I play?” and just climbed up on to the support band stage and just played. Thats actually how we became Skegss. We wrote a whole new set list and that was pretty much the beginning of it all; the ambush of mine and Jonny’s show.

Marli: What’s the best gig you’ve ever been too?

Benny: Sounds of the Suburbs festival every year. It just keeps getting better. It’s always the best rock and roll bands in Australia pretty much. 

Marli: Your new EP is called Everyone is Good at Something, so what is something left-of-centre, like a hidden talent, that you are really good at?

Benny: I don’t know. Wait, I’ll ask Toby. He’s present.

Toby: I don’t know hey…Remembering stuff.

Benny: Jonny is really good at making stone walls and amazing stone carvings. Stone masonry is what it’s called. 

Marli: What’s changed the most since you guys won the triple J Unearthed Splendour comp?

Benny: Oh, wait, Toby just wanted to add that he is heaps good a making a hell big batch of nachos. By the bowl, two kidney beans, ton of cheese. And I’ll answer the other question now. Nothing’s really changed, we’ve always been doing what we’ve been doing. Probably some of the people that work at radio stations and just a whole lot more people than usual found out about us. Toby’s put on 4 or 5kg’s.

Marli: Is that from all the nachos?

Benny: 100% from all the nachos.

Marli: What’s changed musically between 50 Push Up’s For $1 and Everyone is Good at Something?

Benny: I’m pretty sure it would have to be a minor chord. I don’t think there’s ever been a minor chord in a Skegss song.

Marli: How did you come up with the idea for the My Face music video?

Benny: We knew we were going to chase each other around the city but then we walked into a costume shop, found the gorilla masks and the boobs and thought, “we could wear these in the video clip.” We got some fake blood, ran around and that was it. The beer at the end, that was planned.

Marli: Are you guys excited to get back to Byron and chill out for a little while before Yours and Owls Festival in October?

Benny: Pretty keen to just hang there and just chill for a little while. Just cruise, catch up with stuff and drink more beers.

For all those lucky fans, Skegss are playing the Brightside this Friday 2nd September and the Foundry, Saturday 3rd September. For the unlucky, here’s their latest music video to turn those tears of sadness into ones of laughter. 

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