Undermine by Planet


Sydney five-piece, PLANET, are ones to watch out for. The boys have become pretty familiar with the Sydney scene, and the scene has become familiar with them and recently shared the stage with The Delta Riggs in Bondi this year. The emerging talent has intermingled and ended up on the line-up for Shakas Fest  this month. The band have an inexorable ability to build a kind of cosmic entity, lathering our insides with melodies penchant for lust.


Setting the standards for themselves with their first single Disaster Caster, they left heads rolling and mouths drooling. However their new single, Undermine, encapsulates a whole new sensation of modern art. Undermine effortlessly combines a consummate melody of spacious guitars, accompanied with sounds that dual psych rock. The warming vocals from Took weave through the guitar riffs and each crescendo enters but leaves you before even realising. The song has the innate ability to tell an entire story without complicating your mind with too much visual imagery. A twirling melody of music and emotion, entwined together, leaving us gasping and clawing for more.

Sounds Like:

The great explosion of an entire planet. From the inexorable sounds it splits the sky. The residue sprinkles down, a cloud of Undermine hovers above the mountains.

Watch Out For:

The boys have set times and dates so you can catch them on their tour. They’ve got new stuff comin’ out left, right, and center! For more details check out their Facebook page ,

Saturday, 27th August @ Shaka Fest, Gold Coast

Friday, 16th September @ Moonshine Bar, Manly


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