LOADED Present Dorsal Fins @ the Foundry, 27th August

It’s LOADED. Thank god. Seriously, I’ve been working for the weekend this week. Tonight on the bill, Dorsal Fins take the stage and I’m more excited than Alex receiving a rose on the Bachelor. I grab my Sailor Jerry’s and take a seat on the deck.

The tunes of These Guy bring me inside. Electronic sounds wob against the drum beat and guitar sending strong vibes of Ariel Pink. It’s a minimal setup on stage but the three piece create some interesting sounds that are new to my ears. They leave me intrigued and I want a little more.

Pop Cult make the stage shortly after, dressed to impress the nearest indie op-shop clerk. The four piece band start with some catchy guitar hooks and solid drum beats. The bass grooves have me swaying from side to side. I’m pretty sure it’s the Sailor Jerry’s talking but the vocalist has an aura of Michael Hutchence, just not as tight in the pants. The crowd cheers as they begin a cover of Len’s Steal My Sunshine, a serious throwback to the era of chain wallets, neon windbreakers and bleached spiked hair.  I gotta’ say, it had me grooving.  Their single Gotta Keep Lovin’ sounds just as good live, the backing vocals are silky smooth; Pop Cult truly look like rockers.


I grab myself a couple sherbets from the bar and make it back just as Dorsal Fins walk out.  The Foundry’s stage is packed as the nine piece band crowd around their instruments. Vocalists Jarrad Brown and Ella Thompson are front and centre as the band begin. The sound booms from the stage as drums, synth, bass, guitar and horns all begin. The addition of another percussion set on stage adds another complexity to their already solid sound. The band transition from dance tunes to swaying ballads; Brown and Thompson’s vocals complement each other as they harmonise in each song. The energy on stage is infectious as each member has a smile that beams to the back of the room. The crowd is grooving with each tune. Sun & Stars has each member dancing on stage, the last time I saw such energy on stage was at the Cat Empire, a worthy comparison that I don’t use lightly. Mind Renovation is my personal favourite, the horns taking lead with short solos after the choruses, it justly feels like a throwback to great 90s party tunes, something Pop Cult provided us with earlier.

I become lost in the mob of dancers.  I’m now in the middle of the crowd and separated from my mates but the dancing is contagious. I groove against strangers, apologizing with every spill of my drink. Heart on the Floor heightens the energy in the room even further, it’s like I’ve been thrown back to an 80s disco. I’m captivated by the band as each member allows their instrument to shine on stage, the horns bellow into the mic, the percussion and bass drive our pulse as we dance. The crowd crave more Dorsal Fins as they leave the stage, we aren’t ready to settle down yet. Without much wait the band have returned and we dance for one more song. I look around and the band are still smiling, the crowd are smiling, and I’m smiling. It’s a happy moment, thank you Dorsal Fins.

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