Born Joy Dead’s Playlist About Food ft. Sourdough

Somebody call the fire department! This sourdough is so fresh, so steamy, so full of hot air bubbles – I’m worried it’s going to set my kitchen on fire!

Four-piece indie rock band, Brisbane’s Born Joy Dead, have been cooking up a track for you all, the best part is it’s named after one of our favourite breads, Sourdough. Destined to be delicious and nutritious on the brain, it’s a track you can relate to. We all want that avo and fetta on sourdough for breakfast, but sometimes we’re short on cash, Coles or Woolies white toast for 88 cents is our best option. If you know the struggle, we’d recommend having a listen.

Born Joy Dead have also been kind enough to create a playlist all about FOOD for us here at Society of Sound and we thought it’d be rude not to share it with you all. I mean, music and food are our two favourite things. Oh? Same for you? We thought so. Check it out below.

If you want to catch Born Joy Dead live, they’re playing with Muddy Chanter & Landings @ Black Bear Lodge on Thursday, the 1st of September.

TIX available here!

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