Feels Like Gold by The Owls


After two years of hibernation and nocturnal activities, The Owls are back. Fiercely retaining their throne, the Newcastle local legends have been in the proceeds of putting together an album since their 2014 single Ocean. The enigmatic four piece have left us bedazzled with the first single Feels Like Gold. The EP, Don’t Waste Your Time On a Rainy Day, will be released in October.


Feels Like Gold executes a refreshing and distinguished raw energy. Matt on the drums carries the beat like a crucifix on his back. The explosive rhythmic patterns of the percussion accentuates an invigorating liveliness. Skewering your attention.

Lewis tears the textures from guitar while Joey distends holy fables from the bass. Rustling poetically, they chase and tease each other, never in conflict though, leaving behind nothing but the dusty residue of diffused guitar lines. A whirlpool of intensity coincides perfectly.

Lead vocalist Josh reasserts smooth yet lethal sounds of indie-rock. The reverb of the vocals revel in opulence, straying from typical Australian indie-rock. Eschewed from distorting the sound, the vocals and instruments mesh and flow; the vibrancy of the track embarks on the journey ahead.

Sounds like:

Feels Like Gold would be the secret formula created by the lab partners of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Dandy Warhols.

Watch out for:

Keep your ears clean because they’re getting some spins on Triple J Unearthed on the reg. Check them out here.

The band have also released the dates of their upcoming East Coast tour :

NOV 4th | The Bearded Lady, Brisbane

NOV 10th | The Marly Bar, Sydney

NOV 11th | The Penny Black, Melbourne

NOV 18th | The Cambridge, Newcastle

NOV 19th | Beach Boogie, Wollongong

Check out their Facebook page to stay tuned.

Photography by Robert Bailey.

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