Medicine by the Dollar Bill Murrays


The Dollar Bill Murrays are a newly formed Brisbane band that are already making a name for themselves. The desert rock group released their debut song earlier this year and already have a bit of a following. I had heard about the band for the first time when I met them in a 4ZZZ radio studio, they’re quite new to the scene so they don’t have too much music out at the moment, but I was excited when I heard that they just recently released the single Medicine.


Medicine, their latest single, eases us in with some gritty electric guitar.  A drum line kicks in shortly after, giving us a hint about the power of the track. A dark brooding voice pleads for the audience to “come on”, the track is ever so sultry and sexy but extremely powerful. Medicine is like a storm, it has serious anticipation and exhilarating drops. Synths and percussion swell up behind the vocals, building into a serious rock song, before dropping back down just to crescendo again.  This track puts you on a battlefield and you’re the one who’s winning.

Sounds Like:

Arctic Monkeys, pre-AM and more fired up, I hear a little bit of Muse in there too.

Watch Out For:

Their new music! The Dollar Bill Murrays are only new and they’ve already ticked all the boxes in my mind so it’ll be exciting to see where they are headed. Keep an eye out for this name on the Brisbane music scene!

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