Darwinism by Holy Holy


Renowned musicians Tim Carroll and Oscar Dawson released their debut album last year, Holy Holy’s When the Storms Would Come. They toured Europe, played the Australian festival circuit and still found time to write new material. Their mix of old school rock, sprinkled with hints of folk and blues along with memorable vocal melodies make Holy Holy one of my favourite bands, and one of the best in the country.  I’ve been waiting for this day to come for a while.


Holy Holy’s latest single, Darwinism, begins with Dawson’s 80s rock inspired electric guitar against a background of syncopated drum beats. I get a sense of Springsteen; dare I say it even U2, but Carroll’s buttery vocals ground the song in their folky roots. The song builds with each verse; there’s an addition of what sounds like a keyboard holding deep, dark chords adding more texture. Dawson’s guitar roars with each bend as the outro begins half way through the track; Carroll’s “doo-doo’s” beautifully contrast against the distant screeches of the electric guitar. The keys once again add texture with high pitch staccato notes. Darwinism quickly fades after such heights in the solo; I wish the song went on for a further two minutes.

Sounds Like:

What I’ll be listening to until the next Holy Holy release.

Watch out for:

I’m sure there’s more on the horizon from one of the most talented bands in the country. Look out for potential tour dates on their Facebook.

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