Beshken’s Well Kept Secrets

There is a simple reason why US producer Beshken‘s delicious track, Secrets, might never appear on your radio waves. It’s nothing to do with track length, content or quality. It’s not even to do with how little is known about the mysterious master-mixer. The simple fact is this: if you were to hear Secrets on the radio as you drove to work, you would close your eyes, abandon the wheel and lean back in bliss, probably causing mass chaos and loss of several body parts. F0r this reason alone, Secrets is not destined for radio. 

Working from both New York and LA, Beshken keeps himself to himself, giving away hints of his taste through tones and esoteric track covers. While he’s remixed a wealth of songs ranging from Alt-J to Azealia Banks, his first original EP emerged around five months ago, featuring four impeccably produced tracks. Secrets ends the album and boy, does it leave a lasting impression.

Opening with an atmospheric soundscape, Secrets takes you somewhere. A clean electronic melody soon emerges, using high layered tones to compliment the glitchy backing. Not long after, the track slips into its groove, an expertly-melded fusion of sharp rhythmic parts and silky smooth melodies. The most impressive element of the song is its minimalism, which, in the hands of a less talented producer, could have ended up repetitive and grating, but instead asserts itself with effortless style. Never does the track sound empty or incomplete, despite the simple structure and lack of lyrics. Instead, you’ll want to slip on your headphones, press repeat and let it all wash over you. Trust me: with Beshken, you’re in safe hands.


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