A quick chat with Jack from Big White

Our favourite monthly event LOADED is coming up on Friday the 15th. Headlining on the night is the pop-rock Sydney band, Big White. We spoke to guitarist/ vocalist Jack Wotton, ahead of the Brisbane show.

Natalie: You describe your sound as infectious jangle-twang Australiana, what inspires this sound?

Jack: The great songwriting of the Go Betweens and the Triffids. Among other bands that aren’t Australian like the Chills or the Replacements, the list goes on.

Natalie: Why the name, Big White?

Jack: It’s something an old friend came up with. It’s a shortened title of a John Cale song called Big White Cloud. It’s somewhat serendipitous though in the sense that we all live together in a big white house.

Natalie: You recorded your first single in a European bomb shelter, what was that like?

Jack: It was a great experience, we were just over in Berlin travelling together as friends and had nothing to do so we decided to book a day in at this studio underground in Kreuzberg. We laid it all to tape on an old eight track and finished it in the one day.

Natalie: You’ve had quite a few successful shows and gained loads of recognition since then, what’s been the craziest show to date?

Jack: The house show we threw at the start of the year was pretty wild, about 400 kids showed up.  Aside from that, it would be a show we played in Amsterdam in an old school at a place called De Schol, or in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where this guy called antenna man from the Bronx jumped up and jammed with us in this art gallery there.

Natalie: You’re back in Australia now promoting your debut album Teenage Dreams, how are fans reacting to the album?

Jack: They seem to like it. A woman at our show in Melbourne the other night gave me a big hug on her way out and called it album of the year saying she listens to it every day in peak hour traffic. I thought that was pretty nice.

Natalie: What’s your favourite track to perform off the album?

Jack: My three favourites right now are probably Down At The Beach, Whatever Happens, and You Don’t Get Much because I get a little break to go and wee.

Natalie: Have you guys ever played in Brisbane?

Jack: Yes, once before at the Zoo for Big Sound.

Natalie: Looking forward to the Foundry gig? What support act are you most keen to see live?

Jack: Yes absolutely, I’ll be out of the car by then which is pretty positive. All the supports sound fantastic. Nick Nuisance and the Delinquints, Pool Shop and Alex L’Estrange, Joe always throws a good gig.

Natalie: Any pre-performance rituals?

Jack: A few lemonades.

Natalie: Favourite post-gig meal?

Jack: By that point, it’s really up to what’s open. A good souv would be choice.

Make sure you buy your tickets for LOADED asap to see Big White in action. Get a taste of their groovy music below.

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