Party Drunk by Breizers


Coming out of Sydney’s North Shore is a three-piece force to be reckoned with. I first discovered these guys at a quaint show at Sydney’s Record Crate earlier in the year; I was in awe. Breizers encompass a sound I’ve been longing to hear and a stage presence I’ve been dying to see in my local vicinity. Self described as ‘funky sex punk’, the genre is sizing up a good home run, but most of all Breizers are a funkier, punkier hybrid of Nirvana meets the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Mason, Lachie and Lucas are embodying exactly what the Australian music scene has been missing.


When I first found out about these guys, they only had a string of recorded demos on Soundcloud to their name. Unfortunately, the compilations have since been deleted due to the upcoming release of their debut single, Party Drunk. If I’m honest, I have been desperately awaiting the release of any new material to share with everyone. Now that it’s here, Party Drunk is driven by the sensual colours bassist, Lachie, brings to the table. In a dream-like and all-encompassing out of body experience, the grooves are spectacularly infused with Mason’s rock guitar riffs and vocals. Lucas ties the tune together on the drums, driving it through enough pace changes that you won’t realise how much you’ve grooved until it’s over.  Altogether the three combine an almost jazz-like quality to enter into a delicious punk rock fueled chorus. Drool inducing, really.

Sounds Like:


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The boys are holding a lil somethin’ somethin’ to celebrate the launch of the single at the Hideaway Bar on the 16th July. Check out the event here. I also hear there’s a EP in the works.  I recommend suspending any life risking activities until its released, it’ll be a good one. Keep up to date on their happenings by chucking a like at their Facebook page.


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