Kintsukuroi by Kate Martin


Kate Martin has been producing underground indie music since 2010. This soulful songstress refuses to be defined by genre and she is constantly pushing the boundaries. Her dreamy stage presence and eclectic style make her one to watch. After her hiatus, Kate Martin is emerging once again with some new and powerful music.


Kintsukuroi is a modern acoustic joyride. It’s the first taste of Martin’s new music since her last single, Awaken, was released in 2013, boy is it good. The track, in true Martin style, is different to everything else she has written. Layered acoustics mesh perfectly with the warmth and whimsy of Martin’s voice. The layered track dips and builds while the verses melt together. The meaning behind Kintsikuroi (translated to golden repair) is an ode to the human condition, stemming from the belief that things once broken are more beautiful when fixed.

Sounds Like:

Atmospheric, tribal and intoxicating; it’s the perfect track for a late night drive.

Look out for:

Kintsukuroi is only the first taste of her upcoming LP, Set Fire to My Life, which is due to be released later this year.

Check out the rest of Kate Martins music on her Soundcloud.

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