Come On by FeelsClub


Feelsclub: set to evoke emotions of the good kind through 80s inspired hooks, indie electro-dream pop and pastel pink.  This Brisbane five-piece will have you signing up to their mailing list in no time. I’m already foreseeing the day I get a Feels pack in the mail; picture a lush loofah, neon fraction sunglasses and a bubblegum vape kit. You know, the first time I saw Feelsclub live they were just a three-piece; they had no music available online and had everyone on the dance floor embracing their inner groove. To my right was my good mate Al, dancing with the biggest grin on his face to a catchy, synthesised bass riff.  Watching a friend truly enjoy a track makes me connect to it without fail. Naw, feels. I am now proud to announce this particular ‘choon that furthermore ignited my love for Brisbane music is their debut single Come On.


The track begins with an ethereal airiness before swiftly moving into syncopated, slick rhythm and funky groove. I identify some low-key cowbell before Come On reveals its true electro-pop persona. I’m instantly hooked on the repetitive, synthesised bass riff that dominates majority of the track. Comprised simply of three notes, it brings about nostalgia and lunges me into my own animated disco dream. I love this kind of simplicity in tracks; it gives my imagination room to colourfully culminate. Furthermore, the introduction of Jonnie’s energetic and alluring vocals in harmony with the bass riff is the frosty icing on my vanilla marble feels cake. During the breakdown, I fall face first into a cloud of dreamy delay pedal goodness on electric guitar. Damn, it’s all hitting me right in the fee- aaaaah just kidding.

Sounds Like:

The song I’ve been listening to about 15+ times a day, albeit is now a complete earworm.

Look out for:

The Come On single launch, held at The Foundry’s Backroom on the 14th July. You can catch Feelsclub performing alongside indie rock four-piece The Bassethounds and dream pop, chillwave four-piece Cheers G’day. Find out more via the event link!

P.S: Enjoy your first serve of unexplained emotion via their official music video; a DIY effort with Dave from D2 Productions and the flawless Lor Perm-Jardin is a complete feathery fantasy.

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