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Brisbabes #4 @ the Foundry, 16th July

Rain and cold weather make this Saturday night more suited to staying in and watching movies, but I am excited. Brisbabes #4 has rolled around so quickly, and after the success of the last event, I have high expectations for tonight.

The Foundry is warm and dark, and the rain outside gives the venue a cozy and intimate feeling. The crowd in the Foundry tonight is a combination of hippies and hipsters, and I’m loving it.  I arrive just as Moodie Gloom makes her way onto the stage. Engulfed by her curly red hair, Moody sets the scene at the still quite empty Foundry.  She begins her set timidly and isn’t very confident on stage at first. However, as her set continuous I am realising how much potential this girl has. The sound of the piano, combined with her powerful voice combine to make a sound a bit like a mix between Daughter and Florence and the Machine. I sit on a chair with a friend near the back of the venue and listen as her melodic and eclectic sound sets a very chilled out tone for the night.

Between sets, I head to the bar and grab a beer, the price of alcohol at venues never ceases to surprise me. I clutch the drink as though it’s gold (it practically is) and take a seat outside to watch the Saturday night crowd start to form outside.

The turn-around is quick, though, and before I know it, a hypnotic drumline fills the Foundry, and San Mei takes the stage.  Stragglers from a 30th birthday pile in the building, accidentally make their way into the gig, only to be captivated by her voice as she starts the set. The four-piece band have a pop-rock sound and give off a very grungy kind of vibe. It’s the sort of stuff I would have loved when I was around fourteen. Regardless, they are good, and I laugh as guitarists sip a beer before performing some awesome guitar riffs.

The set is short and sweet and before I know it the next act is set to take the stage.  Having only just flown in from Adelaide, Alive Ivy seems anything but tired. Dressed in a white, yellow and pink patterned jumpsuit, with matching white sneakers, watching Alice perform seems more like an art installation than a music performance.  Alone on stage, she sets up a beat and sings along, while also playing guitar. Alice mixes classic soul music and old advertisements with electronic music, while also playing guitar and singing. It sounds like a lot to process, but trust me, it works.

Alice Ivy is the epitome of confidence and has an intoxicating stage presence. I look around midway through the first song and see that the crowd has swelled significantly and that nearly every member of the audience is dancing. Her music boosts my mood significantly and I can’t stop smiling during her set.  Unfortunately, the set had to end eventually, and I watch regrettably as the musical masterpiece leaves the stage.

The crowd is quite large so I retreat to the bathrooms. While waiting I hear girls chatting frantically about how excited they are about the next artists, based on the awesomeness that was Alice Ivy.

The anticipation is high as YUUCA begin their set. I walk back in half-way through their first song and find the perfect viewing spot.  The six-piece group look a little like a mismatched high-school band and have a more laid back sound than the last two acts. I look around mid-way through and notice the crowd has certainly died down a little. The band seem to be unfocused and constantly pause to remind the audience to stay on to see the last act.

I look behind me to see more and more people leaving and can’t help but feel sorry for both YUUCA and the last act, Georgia Mae. However, I understand why people are leaving. Each song seems to flow together into one big track, and I just can’t seem to get into it.  By the time their set is over, The Foundry is nearly empty.

Georgia Mae looks like a Disney princess when she walks onto the stage, and she sounds like one too. Sitting down she mixes songs on stage and is grinning from ear to ear despite the small number of audience members that remain in front of her.

I sway along to Time With You and my friend says that Georgia has one of the nicest voices she’d ever heard live, I agree.

Georgia’s sound is very pop-electronic, she has an experienced stage presence and a very rich voice. Her songs sound like the sort of thing you’d want on a movie soundtrack, and they make me feel powerful.  Despite the lack of audience, those remaining do not fail to encourage her, dancing and wooing consistently as she performs.

Georgia also focuses on some deeper issues, performing a Joel Turner cover that focuses on drug abuse.  She comments on world issues and reminds us to be happy and grateful for the present moment, and for incredible events like Brisbabes.

I leave the Foundry and reluctantly step out onto the cold and busy streets of the Valley. I honestly don’t know how I feel about tonight, but I do know, I’ll be seeing Alice Ivy again for sure.


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