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Brisbabes #4 Artists Tell Us Their Ultimate Tune of Empowerment

Brisbabes #4 is at our doorstep folks; a quarterly showcase that highlights the plethora of excellent female-fronted talent within the Brisbane music scene. Brisbabes is an event that aims to encourage and foster confidence in women in music and has already created a positive movement within our community. The inclusive event will witness its fourth installment this weekend at our beloved Foundry, including a charming array of diverse and empowering babes in control of that microphone.

Ultimate babes on the line-up, Georgia Mae, Yuuca, San Mei, and Moodie Gloom, have shared with us their ultimate tune of empowerment, giving you an insight to how these regulation hotties start their day on a natural high. The power of music, man. Enjoy!

Georgia Mae’s jam

Track: Saturday Night Divas by the Spice Girls (and come on Saturday night to see some in action). 


“Is there anything more empowering for women than the Spice Girls? GRL PWR for the win. Spiceworld was the first album I ever owned, and I still remember the day my mum bought it for me…I got straight down to business designing some truly reprehensible dance routines to all of the tracks (my personal favourite being an incredibly literal choreography for Stop…don’t pretend you never did the same though). Saturday Night Divas isn’t just a fun nostalgic 90s track…this song, along with the entire album, is brought together with clever production, effective lyrics, timeless melodies, juicy harmony and an air of confidence that is so addictive. SRSLY COOL STUFF. If you haven’t listened to the Spice Girls in a while, treat yourself! And it was really great to see the group’s legacy recently pop up in social media with The Global Goals message to world leaders – #WhatIReallyReallyWant – empowering a new generation of women.”

Yuuca’s jam (answered by Emily Nguyen-Hunt)

Track: Easy Easy by King Krule


“It was so hard for me to pick between this song and every other song of King Krule’s, but I thought this fit especially well with the driving guitar rhythm and Archy’s wise, gritty voice telling me, “cause if you’re going through hell, we just keep going.” I find myself listening to this in the morning on the way to work, as a subtle reminder to take things easy and not to worry (too much). I also love how carefree and effortless the song sounds and is played, which I think matches perfectly with the lyrics.”

San Mei’s jam

Track: Royal Jelly by Deap Vally.


“There is no better way to kick the day in the face than with this tune by two badass chicks and the line “if you wanna be miss thing, then you better start hustling”. Oh, and THAT RIFF!”

Moodie Gloom’s jam

Track: Us by Regina Spektor.


“I love that anything she writes is in a way uplifting and realistic. I’ve always found more inspiration in lyrics. As much as I love the whole composition, the lyrics are always what I take the most notice of. Us blimmen hits the heart strings. That dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun, that’s what I wanna wake up to.”

Being a female owned and operated business here at SOS, we’ve gone full pray emoji on this event and will continue to support Brisbabes for the rest of its days. To ensure you nab yourself a hot tomale of a ticket, click this link. Tickets are super cheap; doors open at 7:30pm.

See you Saturday, babes of Brisbane! xoxo

P:S Check out this rad poster, just one more time.


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