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You Just Don’t Know It Yet by King Colour


Dropping psych-rock tracks straight out of Sydney’s Inner West, and backed up by their self made independent DIY record label, Yeah Nah YeahKing Colour are quickly grooving up the East Coast’s underground music scene.  The quartet have been busy with a string of exclusive warehouse shows under their label’s name, which is where I first found these gems, combining visual artistry with live music for a larger-than-life sized party, that I imagine is a relatively close reincarnation of 70s nightlife. Self described as “honey psyche groove”, and doting Outkast as an influencer, the four piece are the long lost, but recently found, love child of Funkadelic and Tame Impala.


Matt, AJ, Liam and Josh have just recently celebrated the release of their self produced 2016 single You Just Don’t Know It Yet. It’s a lighter follow up to their previous track and a personal favourite of mine, Blue Horizon. Mystic guitar riffs, bass grooves, and a delicious classic rock chorus are the most recognisable assests of the group’s new single, staying true to their trademark psychedelic sound in an all round dreamy track. Laced with traces of R’n’B and pop influence – it shouldn’t work, but it does, too well.

Sounds like: 

The goods your sweetest acid induced dreams would be made of.

Look out for:

This Saturday 11th June, the boys have snagged up a support spot for I Oh You’s Chippendale Hotel Party, alongside of Unity Floors and Rolling Blackouts Coast Fever.
Keep up to date on all their news via their Facebook page, and maybe even snatch yourself up an invite to their next Yeah Nah Yeah show if you’re lucky.





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