Shame Take Pride in the Lick


I stumbled across this band one night as I casually strolled through YouTube videos.  Shame herald from our cross-continental-cousins, South London in particular.  Don’t let their fresh faces fool you, from what I hear these geezers put on a helluva good show.  Harkening back to the 70s post punk bands that defined the genre, Shame blend darker melodies with a charm that could only come from the UK.


“This is how it starts”, the lead singer groans as their single, the Lick, begins.  The bending bass line punches its way front and centre. It’s that catchy, Peter Hook wishes he came up with the riff back in the 70s.  The cymbals flutter as they lead into the verse, the reverbed guitar bending and sliding without haste.  There’s a laziness to the verses, but it adds to the track’s appeal, Shame keep us waiting in anticipation for the build as the guitar and bass repeat the memorable riffs.  The Lick heightens as it moves to the chorus, “Salutations are in order” is moaned over the solid snare and cymbal combo, the guitars packing a sound that seems as if there’s a dozen strings plugged into the amp.  Shame unleash hell as the end of the track, relieving my anticipation, the vocalist screams and the band follow with the same energy.

Sounds Like:

These kids grew up in the wrong era, but I’m not complaining.

Look out for:

I haven’t been able to find much in terms of new music, but I follow them on Facebook and they’ve got shows in the UK.  All I can say is Shame have a fan in Australia, hit me up.

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