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A Quick Chat with The Delta Riggs

The Delta Riggs are currently touring the East Coast of Australia promoting their new track, Surgery of Love. We spoke to the Rigg’s about space and transformation ahead of their Brisbane show on July 2nd.

Natalie:  Surgery of Love is your latest track, what inspired the song?

TDR: We first wrote and demoed the idea that eventually evolved into this song a little over a year ago while we were touring through Europe. We were in Berlin for a week and a bit, and were at a club / bar down by one of the rivers in Kreuzberg. We rocked up at around midday on a Sunday just to check things out, there were people clearly still partying from the night before, a few people asleep in corners and they had this music on that had some house music vibes. We stayed for a few hours and during that time realised that, ourselves included, everyone was kinda of just grooving to the beat and the bass lines. The tempos never really changed for the entire length of our stay. When we were in the studio later that week, we were talking about how that repetitive bass and drums just had people in a form of trance, tried out a few bass lines, with a straight drum groove and built the song from there.

Natalie: We see a lot of dark and artistic themes in the music video, what’s the story behind the video?

TDR: Elliott and James (Adams) were the leading force behind this clip. We wanted to go for something that suited the dance elements of the song, while keeping the whole thing a bit voodoo / alien. The basis for the song itself is quite simple, so we felt that should translate to the clip, which ended up being cuts of mainly just Elliott dancing in a blacked out room. I like the somewhat strobing effect that is present in some of the scenes, it’s something that we’re incorporating into our live shows for this next run, to help create a vibe.

Natalie: Surgery of Love is quite different to some of your older stuff, what inspired the transformation?

TDR: We wrote all of the new material over the last year or so. Since the last record we’ve played, and traveled to a lot more places since we released Dipz. Had new experiences, met new people, seen and heard new music and grown as a band. It wasn’t a conscious decision as such, just a natural progression from the last record. It was written in different parts of the world while we were doing different things so it was always bound to have a different sound.

Natalie: What sort of reaction from fans are you getting about your new track?

TDR: So far I think people are digging it? There are always going to be mixed thoughts when you put out something a bit different, but yeah, so far so good, I feel.

Natalie: You’re currently on tour promoting the track and your new album. Where’s your favourite city to perform?

TDR: Mars.

 Natalie: What are the best and worst things about touring?

TDR: The best thing about touring is getting to play in front of anyone, it’s humbling when you see and meet people who have made a trip out to see the bands on the night, that’s rad. The worst is when someone books you on a 6am flight unnecessarily when you didn’t wrap up at the venue until about 2 am the night before. Yuck.

Natalie: We have been hearing a tonne of space references in regard to your new track, what’s the story behind that?

TDR: Well, when we were recording the record, we were getting all of these weird sounds coming out of the tape machines, sounds that all of a sudden just appeared while everyone was asleep. We realised that what they were picking up was a magnetic flux that had traveled through a black hole created by the Large Hadron Collider back in 2008. What we were hearing were our alternate selves, living in a parallel universe, collaborating on the tracks with us whilst in the studio. It seemed only logical to pay homage to our outer/inner space brothers.

Natalie: You’ve also had a string of great success lately. Fans really seem to be enjoying your stuff, how does it feel to be gaining so many fans?

TRG: Great, because now we can afford a full-time tech. Hah. Nah, it’s always nice to know that people are digging what you’re putting out there, it can be a bit unnerving sometimes putting new stuff out, as people might just straight up hate it.

Have a little listen to the track and buy your tickets here asap. It’s going to be a gooood night.

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