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A Quick Chat with Fran from Rolling Blackouts C.F.

The long awaited LOADED is at the end of this week.  Rounding off your Friday, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever will be headlining at the Foundry.  We spoke to singer and guitarist, Fran Keaney ahead of their show in Brisbane.

Nick: How did the name come about?

Fran: Rolling Blackouts was the name of one of our first songs. Tom wrote it about when he was bedridden in Cambodia with some unknown bug. It stayed with him for months. The song wasn’t much chop but we liked the name.

Later, we found out there were a few other bands who’d gone back in time to steal our name by using it first. There were quite a few actually. So we decided to add a few more words. Coastal Fever was a bit of a goof initially but we liked it so it stuck.

Nick: What influenced Write Back?

Fran: I had the idea for the rhythm and some of the melodies when I was on holidays, away from the guitar. Then I picked up the guitar when I got home, and it all came together pretty quickly.

As far as the theme goes, it’s about a delusional guy. For a while I was really interested in delusion/confidence and how that ingredient can really be a catalyst for disaster (See: Trump 2016).

Nick: How does the writing process go for the band?

Fran: It’s changed a bit. Tom, Joe or I used to bring a song fully formed to the band. Now that we’ve found our feet a bit more as a band, it seems better to bring a song idea to the band half-formed, and let the band drag it away from the writer a little bit. Good accidents happen that way.

Nick: The band has an obvious 80s tone, who are the quintessential 80s band?

Fran: Probably Mental as Anything or Split Enz. Those bands pushed into new frontiers with their song ideas (Berserk Warriors for example), and carved out new, squanky melodies – while at the same time sticking to the confines of the pop song. I think they typify the 80s. Pushing the envelope – inside the office.

Nick: How would you describe the sound of Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever?

Fran: Soft punk / tough pop is pretty close.

Nick: If you could tour with one band, who would it be?

Fran: Heaps spring to mind but maybe Midnight Oil. I’d really like to see them at a heaving RSL, whipping everyone into shape.

Nick: Who are the band’s guilty pleasures to listen to?

Fran: We all go in for a bit of disco funk. There’s this song by Fern Kinney called Love Me Tonight, which is so addictive.  Often someone will start playing it at band practice and we’ll lose the next 20 minutes.

Nick: When can we expect to hear new material?

Fran: Recording some new tunes right now as I type. Hope to have some new stuff out in the next two months. Pretty exciting!

Tickets are still available if you are free Friday night.  I’ll be there and I’m keen af.

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