Vampires by Mid Ayr


Brisbane three-piece Mid Ayr is the brainchild of former The Trouble With Templeton guitarist Hugh Middleton.  Completed by Alex Le’strange on bass/production and Zac Moynihan on drums, the trio make effervescent acoustic pop rock which makes you float, almost as if in mid…


Vampires is the second single and the final track from their eponymous debut EP. Featuring a dripping voice layered through dreamy acoustic guitars, the music almost lulls you past the politically-motivated lyrics. Lines such as ‘a long day of slashing welfare and watching children drown’ float over breezy guitar chords.  As the bass and drums arrive the track elevates, coming to sound something like a nihilist’s beautiful dream.  The song seems to speak to the disillusionment of a generation, forever opposed but bound to an unjust system. This is captured perfectly in the reverberant refrain ‘our lives… drain in to the vampires’. It’s a thoughtful, melancholic song which lingers for some time after the final chord.

Sounds Like:

Radiohead slash The Flaming Lips slash what you’d want to hear while driving across the Nullabor at the end of a long, long day.

Watch out for:

Their debut EP  is available now. Watch the brilliant music video for their other great single Letting You In here. Mid Ayr will be officially launching their EP with a highly anticipated live show at Black Bear Lodge on Friday 24 June.




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