Death In Ya Face By Raave Tapes


Newcastle’s three piece premium pedal masters, Raave Tapes, have been emerging from the underground scene to now sharing stages, Tooheys and merchandise with our favorite Aussie acts. The band have a knack to forcibly summon every heart beat, and lasso the mind and ears of anyone in proximity of them. Joab Eastley, Joel Burgess and Jake Wyborn curate a new genre of dirty-rock, featuring grungey-garage-dance beats. Melding their musical authenticity and articulate sounds of storytelling, they are establishing a powerful new medium of modern rock.


Raave Tapes have descended from an intergalactic rock realm, throwing their new single Death In Ya Face, in ya face! The track begins with dirty rock and electronic punk vibes that slither into your brain, whispering “this, is, revolutionary”. It’s hard to believe that this is a three piece band.

In a tight 3 minutes and 26 seconds, the musical diversity is alluring, from the heart throbbing cymbals alternating pace to the unison of the definitive thick bass and the perfect synthesis of the guitar. It’s those 3 minutes and 26 seconds that could lead you blindly off a cliff. If it’s not a cliff that gets you, it’s probably your heart trying to keep up with the consistent fluctuation of the changing pace. The vocal delivery from Eastley has a powerful nascent element of naiveté grunge. The lyrics project sensibility from beginning to end, while we are dangling off a cliff or laying on the floor grasping our heart.

Sounds Like:

Licking a fully charged battery that causes an electric storm in your mouth. That additive tingling sensation is the musical energy fusion of Tame Impala, Bloc Party and Franz Ferdinand.

Look out for:

The boys have their EP launch on the 25th June at King Street Hotel, Newcastle. Hosted by N0-Fi Records and Grouse House.

Have a listen to the single on Raave Tapes’ Unearthed page

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