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Brisbane’s Must Sees – June 1st-7th

Alright, the Must Sees are back, and they have changed! Due to the enormous amount of incredible live music that is taking place each month, we decided to break our articles into more manageable, weekly chunks. All this means is that we will be letting you know each week about as many amazing events as possible.

Beneb (single launch) @ The Foundry, 2nd June

Ready to hear something new? Beneb will be launching his new single, Temporary, as featured on Triple J. He will be sharing the headline of this event with the Bear Hunt on the night. This event is great for all you music lovers who are in need of a Thursday night pick-me-up. For more information, you can check out the event page here. Price: $9.70

Beats of No Nation Dance Party #1 @ The End, 3rd June

DJ’s, dancers and decorations will make up this Friday night dance party. The first instalment of Beats of No Nation is bound to be a good one, you’ll even be able to relive the event through the video episode recorded on the night. Acts include: Percy Miracles, Emma Stevenson, Jawgoh, Alex Intas and the Beats of No Nation DJ’s. Check out the event here to buy tickets. Price: FREE

Thelma Plum @ Woolly Mammoth, 3rd June

Thelma Plum has been working hard on some incredible new music and is ready to share it with us on her Australian tour. Catch her before she heads overseas and expect to hear some new stuff, as well as your old favourites on the night. To buy tickets and find out more check out the Facebook page here. Price: $20

Five Bands Five Bucks @ The Zoo, 3rd June

There’s not much to talk about in regard to this event, because for $5 you can’t go wrong. Guests on the night include Arpier, Landings, Nice Biscuit, the Keepaways and the Dollar Bill Murrays. To find out more and buy tickets check out the event page here. Price: $5

Twinkle Moo’s Kitten Shower @ Trainspotters, 4th June

If the name of this event doesn’t make you excited, I don’t know what will. Twinkle Moo’s Kitten Shower is going to be an eccentric night of music and photos of kittens, with guests including These Guy, Max Chillen + the Kerbside Collective, WHALEHOUSE and Doozy Daze, this is one night you’ll want to get work off for. To find out more information and RSVP, you can check out the Facebook event here.  Price: $5

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