Real Love, Baby by Father John Misty


For the last few years, ex Fleet Foxes drummer Joshua Tillman has been operating under the guise of Father John Misty – an aloof, cynical, acerbically witty booze hound-turned-lover boy whose frank, intelligent ballads sway between ‘dripping with irony’ and ‘uncomfortably sincere’. The notorious prankster has tried his hand at everything from dimly-lit folk, bombastic neo-soul and even internet-age electronica, all of which are on full display in his 2015’s I Love You Honeybear. With a rich, syrupy voice, the lyrical prowess of Don McLean and the comedic chops of Mitch Hedberg, Misty is quite frankly killin’ it on all fronts.


Following the release of his most recent LP, expectations were high, with everybody wondering what FJM was going to try next. The always unpredictable enigmatic uncle of alt-pop has taken this hype in his stride and has just orchestrated the biggest ‘fuck you’ possible. Instead of following the innovative and explorative path of I Love You, Honeybear, new single, Real Love, Baby, has defied expectations by returning to Misty’s roots. A folky chamber-pop number, the track is totally unambitious, and that’s the joy of it. With twee romantic lyrics, the track blossoms in the middle of the road, an unapologetic homage to clap-along 60s pop, that sounds like a bongo-heavy Beach Boys B-side.

Sounds like:

Neil Young singing campfire songs with Elvis-level reverb.

Look out for:

Father John Misty’s continued shenanigans on Instagram. Just trust me.

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