Pals x Wavevom Split EP


Two of Newcastle’s premium post-punk bands share the release of a split EP.  Pals are four friends since high school owning the genre of post-punk and garage rock. Connor Kelly, is the lead vocals and guitar too, Matt Bruce is on lead guitar, while Sam Anderson multitasks with the bass and synth. Fraser Marshall on the drums, and still manages to assist in the backup vocals.

Wavevom is an eccentric two piece consisting of Jed Kirbyshire, who plays guitar and lead vocals, while Jack Clark on the drums.


A minimalist encounter of both the bands, wondrously split with two songs from each. The first track is Disposition by Pals.  Step back as it launches explosions of aggressively raw sounds of garage rock and punk. The intro of guitars rolling builds layers together, the drums uphold a steady but prominent beat piecing it all together cohesively. The vocals do weird things to me; I find myself deeply rooted and entirely immersed in the lyrics and the emotive style backing it. The fast pace of the second track Go Away immediately punches me in the face. A well-composed complexity layers the backup vocals, waving so gently in my ear; the upbeat rhythm of the guitar and bass are a nice grunge infusion.

The third track is Wavevom‘s Colourblind, a comical track of dreaming in black and white. The rhythms enforce my body into immobility but my head is banging out of control. The vibrant vocals of Colourblind resemble surf-punk brought to you by an Australian kid. Gums+Teeth is also another humorous track, depicting a dire feeling of societal expectations and how morbid we want to be at times. The heavy, home-made garage instrumental sounds intentional, concealing the paucity of the lyrics adds to their punk attitude.

The songs on the EP are a snap shot of diving into the mystics of each band, allowing one to be totally immersed in a kick-ass realm of Newcastle’s unique punk scene.

Sounds Like:

If Nirvana and the Cure conceived in Newcastle, Pals is the beautiful love child.

Wavevom is pretty much a rapid pace Waaves, catching the wave of cigarette-love and the courageous conduct of underage drinking.

Watch Out For:

Pals and Wavevom are no longer touring together with the split EP, the guys are splitting and doing their own gigs for now. Pals will be supporting Split Feed and MVRKS at the Lass O’Gowrie in Newcastle on the 12th of May for the ‘Meat Raffle at the Bowlo Tour’. But still keep an eye out for the Facebook pages for more upcoming events.

Photo Credit: Campbell Burns

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