Oil Run by Null

If you want to reach out and grab a taste of the future, find a comfortable place, put on some decent headphones and undergo the strange and totally immersive experience that is Oil Run by Null. Here’s why the audiovisual goldmine is not destined for radio. 

It took me a little while to work out what or who exactly Null is. Is it a freakishly high-tech bioengineering-meets-audio company enacting complex and intriguing experiments on the human physiology? Is it an electro producer from Melbourne called Hayden Quinn? Turns out it’s both. It only takes a visit to the interactive website to understand how.

Quinn has done something I’ve never seen: he’s made music where audio and visual experiences are completely symbiotic. Take, for example, the rigorous attention to detail in his website. Users can explore a bizarre array of buttons, knobs, vials, and electronic gadgetry to unwind the unearthly soundscapes hidden in the depths of Null® Electronics Corporation. The ‘songs’ are minimalist and experimental yet utterly listenable, with arcing electronic details and driving, glitchy beats. Oil Run is my favourite. Opening with a colourful vocal sample, the track ebbs and flows with pulsing house-style beats: think Massive Attack meets Hayden James. The video is an experience in itself, a kaleidoscope of shifting images of microscopic organisms.

Oil Run cannot be contained by sound alone – not when Null has worked so hard to pull you into his world. If you’re not taking in the full experience, interactivity and all, you’re missing out. Radio is simply not going to cut it.

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