LOADED Present Hinds @ the Foundry, 7th May

It’s Saturday night, I’ve just had a pretty average dinner in China Town and I need to groove my sorrows away at LOADED, the monthly shin-dig that I’ve been keen to get to for 30 days.  Tonight’s attraction: Hinds, all the way from Spain.  The beers are flowing early at the particularly crowded Foundry, I grab myself one quicksmart.

First to the stage are locals, Tempura Nights.  Though they are down their usual drummer, the band put on a lively show that has the audience bopping and tapping along.  The drums have a crisp echo to them against the low-fi guitar sound; I’m absorbing a very Sonic Youth vibe from the band.  Crowd favourite R.I.P CHIX has some people cheering from the back of the room, those at the front are too busy grooving along.  Tempura Nights put on a solid opener to the night.

Whispers of the next band circulate the air as people wonder who the mystery support act will be.  Not to sound too smug, but I sort of figured it out pretty quickly.  Maybe it was seeing all the members walk backstage, or being behind the guitarist in the line at the door as he put on some extra last minute friends to the door list.  The Creases make the stage to an abundance of cheers.  It just goes to show how popular the four piece have gotten over the years, their fans didn’t care too much to wait a couple extra minutes for their sound check.  Dressed like a fashionable 80s high school reunion, the boys pick up their instruments and immediately bring their A-game.  The sound beaming from the amps is as if I’m listening to their EPs – not a slip up to be heard – or maybe I’d become lazy after a couple schooners.  The band move through their catalogue of cracker singles, each stirring a little something in the crowd.  The Foundry is almost packed, the audience are dancing along to each hook and quirky line vocalist Joe Agius sings.  Though I like their single Point, they have me glued to their latest single Impact, which is even better live.  It might have been an easy secret to decipher, but the Creases play a memorable, albeit quick, set.

Finally, the headliner makes the stage.  My anticipation has been growing all night as I have seen the girls from Hinds walk around the room.  All the way from Madrid, Hinds make the stage to a full Foundry.  Screams and cheers bounce through the room as the band begin their unique blend of garage rock and indie tunes.  I liken them to an all-girl version of the Pixies – in sound, not looks.  As I watch the girls on stage, I can’t help but become engulfed in their music.  Catchy bass lines and simple drum beats make their songs easy to groove along to.  Their smiles beam from the stage as they rock out to their newer songs, Brisbane showing them a hospitable reception as if Hinds were one of ours.  Bamboo is a true crowd pleaser, vocalists Carlotta and Ana almost yelling over one another in true call and response style.  Their music comes across as rough at times, but always has a brightness that overlays their sound, especially true in their live set.  The girls are having fun and we are all loving it with them.  Hinds vary some songs with quick changes in tempo, like in my personal favourite Garden, though Chili Town is a close second.

Hinds finish their set but return for a quick encore.  To be honest, I wish they didn’t have to leave the stage, I would have happily listened to them until I left the Foundry.  I doubt they would have wanted to play until 2:30 though.

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