A Chat with Carlotta from Hinds

The all-girl garage rockers hailing from sun-drenched Spain, Hinds, have had a whirlwind of a career so far. Having only formed a year ago, the four piece have already made a debut album, taken on Glastonbury,  SXSW and are embarking on a world wide tour.  I sat down with lead vocalist and guitarist, Carlotta Cosials, ahead of their upcoming Australian shows.

Bridie: You’ve just been touring in Japan, how has it been? 

Carlotta: So good. They’re always such a quiet audience. It’s such a great experience for us when we play in Japan because the audiences are so captivated in our music.  When we finished playing they clapped and cheered with all the energy in the world, it was very special.

Bridie: Was that in any way difficult to play to? 

Carlotta: It was good! You get used to performing to different audiences. We never got comfortable with any specific audience because we started off the band by touring every country in the world. Our fourth show ever was in London, and our fifth was in Berlin. You get a global idea of the world, we are very open to different reactions from different audiences.

Bridie: Last year you played seventeen shows at SXSW, how did you manage that? 

Carlotta: It actually wasn’t as hard as everybody imagines it! This week in Japan has been far more stressful. We’ve been doing TV and radio interviews, and everything in between. SWSW was so enjoyable, it was just like doing your favourite thing seventeen times.

You get a global idea of the world, we are very open to different reactions from different audiences.

Bridie: You’re heading to Australia soon, how are you feeling about the tour? 

Carlotta: We were in Australia a while ago, before the album dropped. I think its going to be so much better now with the new album.  We really love your country.  Is it cold?

Bridie: No, it’s never actually cold here. We just complain about the weather too much. 

Carlotta: Ah okay, excellent!

Bridie: What’s the garage scene like in Madrid? 

Carlotta: There’s a band called Los Nastys, who are the band that made us love garage music. We started to go to their gigs about seven years ago. We all became best friends because the gigs were so small, everybody knew everybody. We started rehearsing with them and learned all of their songs. To us, they’re like our parents, they’re the original garage band in Madrid.  The scene here is very tight knit, we’ve always stuck together. We always collaborate. Before Hinds, I used to make music videos for all of the bands. Everybody collaborates in some kind of way.

Bridie: You brought on two new members last year, Ade and Amber, how did that effect the sound? 

Carlotta: When the two new girls came in, they liked how the sound was, they really respected it.  I think that Ana and I are really tough it that respect. We have a democracy for everything. Sometimes we don’t all agree, but in the end, it’s comfortable to talk about everything. Whenever we disagree about things, we talk about it, we all make ourselves rethink.

Bridie: When you were playing in America with Glass Animals you played a basement gig, how did that happen? 

Carlotta: So, the Glass Animals show was sold out, and a group of people messaged us and told us that they were huge fans but they couldn’t get tickets. They invited us to play at a party that they were having in their basement. We went from playing in one of the biggest venues in Kansas City to the smallest basement filled with these underage kids drinking out of red cups. It was just like the movies. That night was one of the best for everyone. The Glass Animals turned up and they also played, everybody was so happy.

 We always collaborate. Before Hinds, I used to make music videos for all of the bands. Everybody collaborates in some kind of way.

Bridie: What’s next for Hinds? 

Carlotta: After Australia, we’ll go back to Europe, then to North America, Canada, and Mexico and then Glastonbury, and the whole festival circuit in Europe. The next few months will be like bam-bam- bam.

Bridie: When do you find time for writing?

Carlotta: After Australia, we have about a week and a half off to write. We want to put out a second album at some point, so we’re going to focus on making music in that time.

Bridie: You played Glastonbury last year as the first Spanish band to ever play on a main stage, how was the gig? 

Carlotta: It was nuts. It was so big, I didn’t expect it to be so huge. We were watching the band before us and they didn’t have a lot of people watching. We played at 12pm, and we were worried that nobody would come to see us. We were still so excited to play Glastonbury, so we said that we were just  going to give it our all, and have fun. The moment we walked onto stage the whole arena was full! It was completely packed. We were all so shocked.

Bridie: What do you have planned for when you come to Brisbane? 

Carlotta: I love Brisbane.  I had such a good time there last time we toured, it’s my favourite city in Australia.  Last time we had a couple of days off ,so we spent some time there. We immediately became friends with the supporting band, and they invited us to a party where the police came and stormed into the house. It was very memorable. Hopefully something like that will happen again this time!

Hinds play at the Foundry for LOADED on Saturday the 7th with Tempura Nights and a secret act (ooh-ah).

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