Beetroot Burgers with The Creases

The Society of Sound and New Farm Records crew recently shared Beetroot Burgers with Brissy boys and tasteful pop makers, The Creases. After much discussion about Aimon’s Simpsons Shitpost Memes and signing Gabe up to, we eventually dived in to discuss their new single Impact and the tour to follow.

the creases
Ray: So, do you guys have any other hidden talents outside of music?

Joe: Aimon does trivia, that’s his job.

Ray: What kind of trivia?

Aimon: All kinds of trivia.

Gabe: You name it, he does it.

Aimon: General trivia, Simpsons trivia. I also make memes.

Laughter erupts. 

Ray: So you guys are touring again, what’s new and what can we expect at the next run of shows?

Jarrod: One thing that’s different now to when we first started is we were just way too loose and didn’t know how to even be a band at one stage. I think with every tour now, it’s just getting more professional.

Joe: We’re playing bigger rooms this time, which is cool. And we’re only doing the East Coast. We’re obviously going to try and do something different with it, we always try to. We’ve got Luke playing live with us now and we’ll probably have some extra people singing back ups. When it’s your own tour, you have a lot more freedom to do cool things that you can’t do as a support.

Luke: Our live sets will be a lot fuller sounding, I think. Much closer to how the recordings sound, rather than be a stripped back version.


Ray: A lot of people think touring is all lush hotels, etc. Is this true?

Aimon: Well the first three tours we basically slept on people’s floors, but usually we stay in people’s places or hostels.

Joe: We kind of got to the end of our rope pulling favours staying at people’s houses. Although, a couple of years ago we were on our tour and one of the headliners for Splendour dropped out.

Luke: London Grammar!

Joe: Yeah, so funnily enough, we got their accomodation in Melbourne ‘cos we happened to be in the same place and we ended up getting a penthouse each! We didn’t know what to do with ourselves. So weird going from being so close knit to everyone having heaps of space. We were also told not to expect getting anything like that again.

Ray: That’s so crazy. What would be your dream festival to play?

Jarrod: Glastonbury or Coachella would be sick.

Joe: We’d really like to do Splendour again.

Ray: How about ideal slot or time to play?

Joe: Definitely not anything during the day, it’s like the hottest part. I want it to be the least sweaty as possible, especially with cameras filming you and stuff.

Ray: How does one keep themselves looking pristine on stage?

Joe: You don’t …

Ray: If you guys had to wear specific costumes on stage, what would you wear?

Joe: We’d wear those black shirts with the tuxedos painted on them.

Luke: I’m with stupid shirts. Then we’d just point to one another.

Gabe: I would vote against wearing novelty t-shirts on stage, but that’s just me.

Joe: We already play in coloured shirts and skivvys. It makes us kind of look like The Wiggles.

Gabe: I think I’d be Jeff. But I have more juuj than Jeff though. Jeff is very middle of the road.

Jarrod: Luke is Captain Feathersword.

the creases
Ray: What’s your favourite venue to play?

Aimon: The Triffid and The Tivoli are the two best we’ve played, in Brisbane for sure. The sounds always amazing and they’re just cool rooms. The best venue was the Castle Maine Theatre in Melbourne.

Joe: It just depends on the sound and how the venue treats us. I feel like The Triffid and The Foundry in Brisbane are great for that. Or for example, Rocket Bar in Adelaide, the promoter there really looks after us. It’s those little things that make a big difference.

Ray: What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned on the journey since you guys started?

Aimon: I think we used to treat it like a party every time we played. We would get really drunk before shows with other bands who liked to party.

Joe: We’re kind of lucky in a way because we kind of went from not being a band, to being on a big tour and skipping a whole two years of playing around Brisbane. You enter into it all starry eyed and don’t realise how you should act. Everytime we’d do a support tour, we’d realise that not all bands act like that and so we shouldn’t. You learn something every single tour from somebody.

Joe: I’ve been listening to so much Franz Ferdinand this week and just thinking about the show we played with them like fuck… That was a shocker.

Aimon: It was our third ever show.

Joe: I remember my guitar stopped working and I just spent a whole song off stage and just watched you guys play.

Aimon: We started the intro and because you were gone, it went on for two minutes and we were just shitting ourselves because we didn’t know what to do.

Jarrod: We still played the song though.

Aimon: Yeah, it was a long intro.

the creases
Jarrod: I think the biggest things I’ve learned have been whilst playing with insane bands that we love, like the Maccabees. You get to meet them and they are the nicest people. They treat you with so much respect. They’ve been doing it for so long and you see why that is the case. It has a lot to do with respect.

Joe: It’s always the bands that come from a more genuine place. Like Franz Ferdinand, they liked us a lot because their whole background was that they didn’t know how to play their instruments at first and then grew into them and are now some of the best guitarists and musicians around. They didn’t care that we were shit at the time but they saw the songs within it. We’ve played tours where bands haven’t even said hello or one word to us the whole tour. It’s usually the smaller bands that do that, it’s weird. The bigger bands always watch you play and are always nicer to you. I guess we learnt from that, that if we ever get to that stage or even in the next year or two when we bring a band on tour, we want to treat them like we’ve been treated.

Ray: Touring with friends makes a big difference as well, yes?

Aimon: Yeah, you usually always come out of a tour being really great friends too.

Joe: When you’re seeing their music every night for twelve nights straight, you end up loving their music too.

Gabe: The power of live music, man.

the creases
Ray: How has your opinion of your music changed over time?

Joe: When we first started The Creases, all I listened to was shoe-gaze and I thought that the longer the song was, the better it was. But now I just love pop music. We really want to write poppy and catchy music. We’re not scared of moving away from that noisey, shoe-gaze sound. If you want to play music for the rest of your life, you can’t keep playing the same venues forever either.

Aimon: Pop isn’t a dirty word as well.

Joe: Yeah, definitely not. When people say pop they think it means ‘Top 40’ or mainstream. It’s hum-able music. I think that’s the best way of telling that a song is good if you’re able to hum it back to someone. It’s clearly memorable.

Ray: Who are your favourite Brisbane bands?

Gabe: DZ!

Jarrod: The Goon Sax.

Joe: Major Leagues have always been great friends and a great band. Jarrod plays in Tempura Nights now on bass. There are lots of little bands that are popping up that are getting better and better.

Ray: Thanks for having us over guys. It’s been great.

All: No worries, thank you for dinner.

the creases

The Creases are about to set out on their national tour for their new single, Impact. They recently released a top notch music video for the track, which you should take a squiz at. You should also check out Darcy Rhode’s We Recommend of the track, here.

Catch the boys live in Brisbane @ Wooly Mammoth on the 2nd of July. Tickets available here.

Photography by Bryce Holloway.

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