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Ball Park Music – Pariah

Ball Park Music make their triumphant return with Pariah – a seven and a half minute absolute headbanger of a track that is a rollercoaster from start to finish. Just like everything else BPM put out, the song is an instant classic, but you’ll be hard-pressed to hear this monolithic track gracing the radio-waves anytime soon.

Pariah opens as a soulful, open-hall piano ballad; vocalist Sam Cromack’s soaring vocals complimented by Beatles-esque slapback, as Paul Furness’ plodding keys blossom in the profundity afforded to them by the generous use of reverb, akin to something off of Brian Eno’s Here Come the Warm Jets album.

Next, we are treated to a little taste of some twanging, Aus-rock guitar, à la Eagle Rock,  spacy textures and indignant bursts of distorted guitars. This is quickly interrupted by a complete shift into a combination of LCD Soundsystem fuzz bass and cowbells, as well as playfully whirring synths, with just enough flange on the snare sounds to conjure images of their Aussie colleagues, Tame Impala – no doubt an intentional nod. After borrowing the MOOG synthesisers of MGMT’s Kids and switching up the tempo, the song becomes a cacophonous mess of space-rock and psychedelia.

Just when you feel as if you’re never going to surface, the glass ceiling breaks above you, and you find yourself floating, safe amongst the almost hymn-like refrain of “I’m a pariah” – back where you started. As if the song wasn’t mindboggling enough, the entire middle portion was improvised in one take. Fuckin’ Ball Park, man.

‘Pariah’ is big, it’s bold and it’s ballsy. It’s a definite leap in a new direction for Sam and the crew and I think that Aussie listeners are right there ready to coax them through it. However, due to the sheer size of the song, I’m not certain it’ll be added to high rotation anytime soon. But hey, this track makes me feel like anything is possible. I guess we’ll find out.

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