Would You Like Me by Babaganouj


Babaganouj burst onto the scene in 2011 and since then the local legends have carved out a well deserved foothold for themselves in the playlists and hearts of Australia, especially in their native town of BrisVegas. Serving up a cocktail of instantly hummable melodies and juvenescent vocals, the garage rockers turned power-pop trio continue to impress with every release, this track only continues the tradition.


Plucked from the first of three EP’s planned for release in 2016, Would You Like Me? is the definitive stand-out track from the Pillar of Light EP. Through its frank and introspective lyrics, the song explores the anxious, insecure side of young love, bassist/vocalist Harriette trying to fully understand the one she loves, asking “what are you like when you’re not with me?” and begging, “promise you’ll never leave me”.

Sounds like:

With delightfully garagey guitars, subtle 80s synthesisers, an unwavering drum beat and the Nouj’s characteristically detached yet sincere vocal delivery, the track sounds like Alvvays penned the end credits song for an early 2000s coming of age film.

Watch out for:

The two remaining EPs in the triptych, as well as their upcoming show at Black Bear Lodge with Pop Cult and Good Boy on Saturday the 6th of May.


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