Wish You Were Gone by Baskervillain


Baskervillain. Remember that name. An extremely talented, rockin’ and rollin’ four-piece from the motherland Brisbane. Tom, Jack, Daniel and Lachy are truly fantastic musicians to witness in a live setting and their combined talents exceed the average.  Influenced by some of the greats, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Doors, they have expertly crafted an authentic classic rock sound that will move you in more ways than one. Baskervillain are proof that the classics may live on through modern music. Remember when Violent Soho had the mainstream frothing over grunge and alternative rock? Well my foresight tells me that Baskervillain are going to do the same with their blend of pure soul, blues, psych pop and straight up rock and fucking roll.


Wish You Were Gone is a follow up single from last year’s debut EP, Modern Lows. If you haven’t listened to that EP yet, I’d highly recommend getting the CD, putting it in your car and going for a euphoric drive through some of the north-east mountain ranges with the song blasting through your stereo.  Wish You Were Gone is dynamically satisfying. The boys know exactly when to keep things skilfully reserved and ultra smooth, the track evolves and erupts into what I can only describe as a beautiful merging of intense rock n roll sounds. God damn, these boys know how to play guitar. The track is pleasurably saturated in juicy swells, psychedelic guitar licks and squeals of a crazy frequency. All of which enter and exit effortlessly, always keeping the music interesting. It’s also important to note that any Baskervillain track with Jack Mackenzie’s vocals on it is bound to be exquisite, bluesy and damn heartfelt.

Sounds Like:

An overwhelming, yet caramel smooth acid trip. It also sounds like the next track you’re going to like and repost on Soundcloud.

Watch Out for:

I hear something is brewing, a trifecta of top notch singles perhaps? I suggest keeping up to date via Bedlam Records. Once word gets out about these dudes, there will be no stopping them.

Photo Credit: Idam Adam

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