Narcissus Is Back by Christine and the Queens

A brilliant oddity on every level, Christine and the Queens should have been front page news, but Australian airwaves missed out. Here’s why Narcissus is Back is freak-pop genius and not destined for radio.

Christine, or Heloise Letissier as she’s known on her home planet, is a total goddess. Not only does she bring a brave new face to electro-pop, she combines her many talents to craft her songs into cinematic, photographic and performance-based works of art. Even better, her Queens are actually drag queens from London, joining the French artiste in a flurry of lights and outrageous costumes.

Narcissus is Back only ever achieved ‘minor hit’ status after it was released in 2012 as part of the group’s sophomore EP. The track is deep, dark and addictive; a driving bass line and twinkly synths glittering overhead. Letissier’s voice is husky and strong with an experimental 80s feel to it, a la Annie Lennox or Prince, may he rest in peace. Clever and esoteric, Narcissus is Back could have really made waves in the Australian electro-pop scene, if it had been destined for radio.

So why didn’t we hear it? Maybe it’s the cross-continental factor – Letissier’s work was lauded in France briefly around her creative storm of EPs around 2012, but never made it across the oceans. That said, don’t fret, Christine and the Queens just dropped a gloriously freaky single just a couple of months ago, so maybe there’s hope to hear them around yet.

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