Max Chillen + the Kerbside Collective’s Treat Me Rough


Max Chillen + the Kerbside Collective are a freshly formed Brisbane band that have already become a regular force in my Soundcloud playlist. Blending post-punk vibes with electronic production, Max Chillen + TKC are a band that are begging for your attention, and absolutely deserve it.


Their latest track Treat Me Rough begins with a bassline straight out of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures.  Smart instrumentation allows this track to become cemented in the back of your mind, the drum beat and guitar work compliment the vocals that take lead in Treat Me Rough.  From the depths of a dark 80s club, the line “I want you to punch me in the face,” groans against some bright low-fi guitar work.  Almost in natural evolution, the track changes gears and bolts into electronic territory, from Joy Division to New Order, and it’s catchy as hell.

Sounds like:

Interpol smoked a doob with the Wombats and flew back to the 80s.

Look out for:

The band are taking the stage at the Foundry this Thursday 28th for CONTROL & Savvy Creative’s Dark Party.  Keep an eye out on their social medias for new tracks, I know I’ll be.

Photo Credit: Savvy Creative

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