Eggplant Burritos with Big Bad Echo

Ahead of their next local show at The Brightside for Tin Can Radio’s ‘Mosaic’ EP launch, we decided to cook local Brissy boys Big Bad Echo some juicy Eggplant Burritos for dinner. Some top notch banter and hand held food made for a quality evening.


Alex: Reddy, I’m treating you as the main character in this story. If you were to take Joe out to dinner, where would you take him?

Mick: Ooo. That is a good question. Probably just for a nice steak dinner, maybe some oysters to start with.

Matt: At the Caxton?

Mick: No! Not the Caxton… Not 2 for 1! I reckon a nice steak dinner and some chocolate afterwards. Smoke a cigar. Drink some whiskey.

Alex: If it was a full band date, where would you go?

Mick: Something cheap… Okay, for a full band date we’d go 2 for 1 steaks!

Joe: One time we all went out for brunch before recording and had a really spiritual moment. We were sitting on the street and a dead pigeon fell out of the sky and hit the ground near us. We all just looked at each other and kept eating.


Alex: That reminds me, how is dinner?

Unanimous: Good. Good. Very good, thank you.

Alex: What’s your dream festival slot?

Joe: Stereo.

Mick: Any festival when the sun’s going down. It’s a big deal that sunset slot.

Alex: What’s your favourite watering hole in Brisbane?

Matt: Drinking at home. In my bedroom.

Swifty: Alone. Crying.

Matt: I used to love Lefty’s when it originally opened.

Swifty: Bloodhound’s a good one. In Fortitude Valley.

Alex: What’s been your favourite venue to play?

Mick: The Zoo.

Swifty: It’s a good mix of intimate and great sound. We’ve never come out of a show at The Zoo and felt shitty.

Mick: You know the band wall in the back room of The Zoo? It’s a band graveyard. All the great Brisbane bands that were huge wrote on that wall and now aren’t around anymore.

Matt: Like Yves Klein Blue, Hungry Kids of Hungary, etc.

Alex: So don’t write your name on the band wall of The Zoo?

Mick: Yeah, don’t do it.


Alex: What was the highlight of the tour for you guys?

Swifty: Getting double booked.

Matt: Probably the 12hr drive.

Mick: That was a good drive.

Joe: Stopped in at Gunnedah on the way back…

Matt: The highlight was definitely our Black Bear Lodge show. We promoted it all ourselves. Everyone was stressing that no one would show up. But it was a great night.

Alex: What’s your favourite Big Bad Echo song?

Mick: Cannonfire. I love playing it. It’s never really the same when we play it live. And I love sitting back and listening to the sax.

Swifty: I like Blink Your Eyes too. It was one of the first ones we wrote together.

Matt: I like The Trouble With Fun Is.

Swifty: Me too. It’s very real. Also very new. Hasn’t been released yet…

Alex: What is your signature guitar pedal boys?

Mick: We use Space Echo. It’s great, plenty you can do with it.

Alex: What artist or band have you listened to the most?

Mick: I almost got a Kings of Leon tattoo once when Aha Shake Heartbreak came out. I mean, I don’t have any tattoos and I almost got one. So that’s saying something.

Matty: I’m going to say The Strokes because I’ve listened to their first album probably about a thousand times in a year. I listen to it every morning driving to work and every afternoon home from work. Almost four times a day…

Alex: I’m presuming Big Bad Echo is not everyone’s sole income. What else do you guys do for work and/or with your time?

Swifty: I work at the Triffid, so does Nick.

Joe: I’m a 4ZZZ contributor and a life tourist.

Matt: I’m a sparky.

Someone in the background: Keepin’ Australia alight!

Mick: I’m a plumber. Being a tradie is good because you finish early and then you can have band practice in the afternoon.

Alex: When do you get time to write your songs?

Mick: I actually write most of my songs in the morning, in my car on my way to work. I just feel like I’m really productive in the morning. They say for some people creativity is much stronger in the morning, which is definitely the case for me.

Alex: What’s the next big move for Big Bad Echo?

Mick: Playing with our shirts off.


Swifty: We’re just going to keep doing what we’re doing. It seems to have gotten us this far. Stickin’ to our guns.

Catch the boys this Thursday night at The Brightside! Big Bad Echo also have an awesome debut EP out now entitled ‘It Takes A Big Dog To Weigh A Tonne’. Check out our We Recommend article – here.

Photography: Kimberley Hanson

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