Brisbabes #3 @ The Foundry, 23rd April

As always, I arrive painfully early to an almost empty Foundry. The night is warm and the valley is eerily quiet for a Friday night; I brace myself for a long wait and grab a drink.

Fittingly, purple lights engulf the stage as Brisbabes begins. Post-Dusk begins her set with no warning, swaying on stage in front of a near empty room but having a great time all the same. Her voice cracks occasionally but her faults just add to her coolness, giving off serious vibes ala Lana Del Rey. As her set goes on I see people beginning to trickle in, some choosing to sit on the plush tartan floor and swaying as she sings. Her set is short and in no time, she leaves the stage.

As I wait between sets a woman gives me an envelope. “A present from Post-Dusk”, she explains. I open the envelope curiously to find an array of purple tinted photographs, an interesting token to remember the night.

The turn around between acts is quick, I hardly have a chance to grab another drink before Cheers G’Day begin their set. Cheers G’Day is worlds apart from the previous act, giving off serious indie-rock vibes and heightening the energy of the room. Dream Girl is the highlight of the set and the playfulness of the band is infectious.  I find myself unable to stop smiling at the obvious joy the band exudes while playing on stage, again my expectations are raised and I become truly excited for the next set.  This time I’m not moving to remain as close to the stage as possible.

Boy am I prepared for Deena. First impressions of her seem quiet and mellow but when her voice pierces the air my jaw drops, literally. Her voice has a serious weighty aspect to it while still being feminine; she belts out lyrics with passion and dances around the stage. Drums, two electric guitars, and a bass are loud but work massively in her favour, setting a powerful atmosphere for her to bask in. Turpentine quickly becomes my favourite, I make a note to buy as many of her songs as possible when I get home.

I sit on the floor between sets totally in awe of Deena as the quirky Inigo comes on stage. Pink hair, a bouncy dress and glitter around her eyes perfectly match her bubbly personality. Much to my excitement two saxophones and a trumpet join her, a total of six performers cramped onto the stage.  One word can describe Inigo, groovy. The horns give a jazz/soul vibe while her voice is upbeat and girly. Throughout the set she laughs with the audience and gives members of the band a chance to show their talent, funky synth and saxophone solos, especially in Constant Beat, making the performance really special.

Romy is the last act of the night, she knows she has the largest audience.  The dark haired beauty struts onto the stage as though it was made just for her. She wears a long black sheer dress, only underwear underneath, she’s confident and owns it. Her voice is clear and strong, her lyrics catchy and stage presence breathtaking.  As she starts to rap, I know that this girl is seriously going places. Her set is powerful and I am completely captivated by her.

I run for a train before the DJ’s begin and I feel on top of the world, I’m convinced the horn line from Inigo’s set will be forever stuck in my head. This is THE event you need to go to, a plethora of incredible talent in an intimate space. I’ll be back next time for sure.


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