Tea Time With Good Boy

Ahead of their EP tour, we hung out with the boys from Brisbane garage rock band, Good Boy in their Fortitude Valley apartment and cooked some spicy vegetable spaghetti.

Bridie: First off, how would you rate the dinner?

Rian: Oh it’s up there. Number one super food. I’m glad we put more chilli flakes in.

Tom: Never enough chilli flakes.

Stu: It’s good man, but I don’t know, I’m not a chilli kind of guy.

Bridie: What band would you like to tour with most out of Australia?

Rian:  I think the guys from Flowertruck are great, just because we’re all such good friends. They’re all such nice people.

Bridie: Touring with mates seems like it’s the way to go, yeah?

Rian: Yeah! I’d much rather tour with friends in a small van where you can all talk to each other.

Bridie: You played with British India a while back. How was that? 

Rian: Yeah, we played with them on the Gold Coast in Coolangatta. It’s a very different crowd on the coast, a very tanned skin, bleached blonde hair kind of place. It was a good show though. Well, Tom’s guitar string broke half way through the set.

Tom: Yeah it was just was before Transparency, and that one sting was very, very important to the riff in the song, so it sounded really weird. It was a good show though, I had heaps of fun.

Rian: They’re a really nice band, and so talented. Tom and Stewie got up stage with them for their cover of Killing in the Name Of.

Stu: Yeah it was sick.

Rian: I have no idea why I wasn’t there.

Tom: They put me on vocals and I can’t sing, so I spent the whole time screaming.


Bridie: What would be your dream festival spot? 

Rian: Golden Plains or Meredith would be really nice.  I’m really not that interested in doing anything out of Australia at the moment, other than SXSW or something.

Tom: Panama would be sick.

Rian: Yeah, and I would like to do the full Laneway tour, not just the Brisbane leg.


Bride: How was Laneway?

Rian: It was so good. We were all so nervous before coming on stage,  although, once we were up there it was just like another gig. It was my Birthday so I was having the best time. The crowd sang to me, it was insane.

Bridie: How did you find out that you were playing? 

Tom:  I was just coming home from work and I’d missed a call on my phone. When I called back  the girl on the phone was like, “oh hey it’s Steph from Triple J, are you free on the 7th to play at Laneway?” I was in complete shock, I thought, “fuck off, this is definitely a prank.”

Bridie: Did you meet anybody while you were there? 

Rian: We met heaps of cool people. I met the lead singer of Royal Headache. They’re an amazing band. Crazy to see live. Apparently it was his second gig playing sober, so he was really tense. While I was watching them play,  I also had a chat to the drummer from Violent Soho and the guitarist from Blank Realm while they were holding their babies, which was cool. Did you guys meet anyone?

Stu: Yeah, I met the chick from The Internet. She was cool.

Tom: I touched the guy from Thundercat. 


Bridie: Was this years Laneway the biggest crowd you’ve ever played?

Rian:  It would be up there, but I think we’ve had bigger crowds before. I like the smaller crowds better though.

Tom: Yeah, like Black Bear and The Foundry, you know the people and it’s just a bit more fun.

Bridie: How’s the No Love For Back Home EP going?

Rian: We actually have no idea. It’s the first six songs that we’ve ever released so it’s pretty varied in sound. It’s going quite well though, it’s good to have something out there so people know that we’re a band and we have physical music. We’re recording the next EP demo in May,  I think we have more of a direction of sound for that. We’re just trying to keep the ball rolling.

Tom: We’re on a pretty quick turn around at the moment.


Bridie: Who are your favourite Brisbane bands? 

Tom: Twin Haus are up there for me, Blank Realm are also really cool.

Rian: I’m really into Thigh Master. Belligerents and Moses Gun Collective are also amazing bands. The Furrs used to be really up there for me.

Tom: We’ve played a few shows with Zefereli, those guys were good.

Stu: I really like These Guy. 

Rian: I mean, Go Betweens, Sea Lions, The Saints, if we’re going back.

Bridie: What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Rian: The next EP is coming out around August, then we’ll do a whole lot of touring. Hopefully next year we can make an album and go overseas.

Tom: We’re just going to write a buttload of songs and see how we go.

Bridie: Would you guys ever tour with Nickelback? 

Rian: Jesus. For the memes, yes. In fact, that’s Good Boy’s new slogan, “do it for the memes.”


Bridie: Final question, if you could have dinner with anybody in the world, who would it be? 

Rian: Holy shit. Obviously it’s going to be with somebody who’s dead. Oh man, I don’t know hey. The thing is, we all have such different tastes.

Tom: Yeah, I’d probably hate whoever Rian chooses.

Stu: I’d probably choose K-Rudd.

Rian: Good old K-Rudd. Maybe I’d choose John Bjelke-Petersen or something and be like, “what the fuck were you thinking?”

Good Boy’s EP, No Love For Back Home is available now. You can catch Good Boy when they support Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever at The Foundry for LOADED on the 24th June.

Photography by Ry Van Veluwen

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