7 things you don’t want to miss at Blurst of Times

Blurst of Times festival is just around the corner. Here’s seven things you need to check out.

  1. Solid Brisbane acts

Here’s hoping you’ve already looked at the lineup for Blurst of Times, this article won’t make much sense otherwise.  You would have noticed two things: the lineup is fucking awesome and it has some of the major players in the Brisbane music scene.  Local hooligans Dune Rats lead the local haul including the John Steel Singers, Moses Gunn Collective, Waax, Deafcult and Twin Haus to name a few.  You’d be a fool to sit this one out.

  1. Dune Rats

Speaking of Dune Rats, the three-piece stoner rockers are renowned for getting up to a bit of mischief on stage.  Whether it’s crowd surfing with a beer in hand, moshing along with some beach balls floating overhead, or smoking a couple of joints in between solos, Dune Rats know how to put on a helluva good show.  They’ve toured the festival circuit before, so whether you’re familiar with their gigs or not, mosey on over for what’s sure to be a highlight of the night.

  1. Romping around the Valley

Not since you were 18 has running around the Valley been so much fun… well, besides BIGSOUND.  Blurst of Times takes place across three venues in the Valley, so tie up your laces because you’ll be running through the streets like it’s your 18th birthday bender.  Just cross at the lights and don’t hurt yourself.

  1. Lucky Egg @ the Brightside

After all that running, refuel at Lucky Egg situated in the Brightside’s beer garden.  The $6 six-piece Korean Wings are hard to pass up to get your vitals back in check, but Lucky Egg provide plenty of alternatives to spend your loose change on.  You’re bound to pass through the gates of the Brightside so, if you’re looking for a feed, Lucky Egg has you covered.


My first experience with Adelaide band BAD//DREEMS was their excellent Like a Version last year.  Ben Marwe’s husky Aussie vocals marry well with the pub rock style instrumentation that the band deliver.  I’m keen to see them live, channeling some of the great 80s Aussie bands they draw influence from.

  1. Playing Pool @ the Zoo

One of the great luxuries of seeing a band at the Zoo is grabbing a pool table and sneaking through the crowd to sink a couple balls.  If you’re just in the mood to chill out, the Zoo is bound to provide you with the perfect soundtrack to your game.

  1. Methyl Ethyl

Twilight Driving is a great song that I want to see live.  Not only that, Methyl Ethyl deliver their own take on the indie-psych genre that’s refreshing to hear in the buzz of pysch bands in Australia.  The sounds they create in the studio create a dreamy ambient pop that I can’t wait to sway and groove to.  Methyl Ethyl have been announced in some major festivals overseas, so there’s no better time to check them out.

Tickets are still available for Blurst but are selling out.  Treat yourself, it will be the best of times.

Timetable has just been released. Click the photo for a better view of your evening 😉


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