Figurehead by Wise Child


Melbourne’s brother-sister duo, Jem and Tom King, are masters of grungy electro. Tagging themselves as trip rock and dark wave, Wise Child are on their way to Radiohead-esque greatness, with long, cinematic numbers that toy with ethereal vocals, samples, and glitchy electronic soundscapes.


Figurehead is only three and a half minutes, but feels like it could go on for another ten. The track trips and winds with driving, grungy force, building layers of sound to fully immerse you in the powerful track. The vocal’s are retro and give off a Bjork vibe: weird and wonderful.

Sounds Like:

Massive Attack meets the soundtrack to a dark but super hip movie (think Drive or Nightcrawler).

Watch Out for:

Wise Child have just launched Figurehead in Melbourne, but who knows what could come out of the talented duo. Keep an eye on their Facebook for upcoming shows and releases.

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