Waco by Violent Soho


It’s Violent Soho.  Seriously, you should know them by now.


Waco is the follow up album to their widely acclaimed 2013 album, Hungry Ghost.  The record begins with the screeching vocals of Luke Boerdam, the thumping bass lines of Luke Henery, the solid drum kicks of Michael Richards and James Tidswell’s thick, heavy guitar.  How to Taste is the perfect introduction to Waco, it’s hefty, loud and bittersweet; I can just imagine the mosh when they blast this live.  Blanket follows quickly leaving no time for breath, showcasing one of Violent Soho’s most memorable choruses that is yet to leave my head.  Viceroy is a throwback to early Weezer days, but with each listen I find myself repeating So Sentimental.  Violent Soho have once again produced a charming track that builds in ferocity after each chorus.  Holy Cave shows off more fierceness but it’s the finishing track, Low, that shows the versatility of the Mansfield group; it’s soft and beautifully dark, showing shimmers of Sunny Day Real Estate.  Each song on Waco proves that Hungry Ghost wasn’t just a one off hit.  If anything, Waco is an improvement on an already excellent heavy rock album, cementing Violent Soho into cult like status.

Sounds Like:

Unicorns mating.

Watch Out for:

If this album tour is anything like their last one, they will tour the shit out of it.  Their first tour for the album has pretty much sold out so if anyone has a spare ticket, hit me up.

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