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The Party by Samuel Dobson


Samuel Dobson is a Sydney based hip-hop artist, songwriter, and one of those dudes who can play pretty much any instrument. Experimenting with all sorts of world music since he was just a tween, Samuel currently has three different live outfits for playing with hip-hop, some with as many as 11 musos crammed onstage. This kind of limitless creativity is surely a recipe for something cool.


The Party is a mellow experiment with the limits of hip-hop, employing elements of jazz, funk, psych-pop, all ticking away under old-fashioned rap. With a catchy chorus filled with RnB style vocals, The Party is just that: an expertly-produced house party song to get everyone in a good mood. Seamless multi-instrumentation and laid-back verses meld the track into something chilled out but never lazy.

Sounds like: 

Oldschool Lupe Fiasco with a dose of Allday and some jazz licks.

Watch out for: 

If you like The Party, excellent timing. Samuel has just a month ago released his first full-length album, and is about to kick off an East Coast tour. For details, visit his Facebook, or buy his tracks on his website.

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